CODFA PAC COD Board of Trustees Election Endorsements

The COD Faculty Association PAC, Friends for Education 502, has made its endorsement decisions for the April trustee elections!

Haroon Atcha is our first endorsed candidate. Haroon is a COD alum who has earned his PhD in political science and is a data scientist and higher education activist devoted to improving equity.

To learn more about Haroon and donate to support his campaign, please visit his website:

Our second endorsement is Christine Fenne, an incumbent board member. Christine running for re-election to College of DuPage Board of Trustees to increase enrollment, improve completion rates and build better board relationships with faculty, students and administration.

You can learn more about Christine on the Friends of Christine Fenne Facebook page:

CODFA PAC Endorsed Candidates: Haroon Atcha (L) and Christine Fenne (R)

CODFA President David Goldberg’s Comments to the Board of Trustees
Memorializing Professor Tom Robertson

We are the full-time faculty of the College of DuPage. Our expertise drives the curriculum, our professionalism enriches the community, and our passion for teaching sustains our students. The Faculty Association has a democratically representative Senate and elected officers. Collectively, as a faculty, we work in the public interest to raise the educational attainment of our district.

Our association is a local bargaining unit of the Illinois Education Association (IEA/NEA).

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The COD Faculty Association is a supporter of the NEA’s Degrees Not Debt Campaign.