BOT 11-5-15 Agenda #5-6

President’s Report. Excitement about new president at Benedictine and his commitment to working with COD and form new partnerships. Kartje has asked for 6 new faculty lines, this will be approved. Says that he and Martin and Dowling are looking at replacing one retired counselor right away and also looking at further increasing number of full-time counselors. Called attention to story on COD webpage about student accomplishment after COD.

McGuire asked about advising vs counseling. What is the ratio of advisers to counselors? Students are still giving lower marks to advising. Can we do it all? Collins: we don’t have to make every decision based on saving money. Student success research shows that full-time counselors play important role in student success. McGuire pressed on Noel-Levitz results. Collins: that survey is not as valid as what students report when they have actually just seen a counselor. Those survey results are extremely strong.