12/17 COD BoT Meeting Post 3

Earl Dowling introduces tonight’s report.
COD Football team presentation.
El Toro Bowl 12/05/15– in Arizona. COD is the runner-up though the team did not win.
Slide presentation of the football team’s trip to the El Toro bowl.

Earl Dowling presents Kotryna Statputye, COD winner of the Dr. Pepper Scholarship. 100,000 tuition scholarship to be used at any college where she wants.
Dowling notes that Kotryna is a Presidential Scholar.

Chair Mazzochi– report on presidential search feedback.
Hayes and company has done interviews of stakeholders, have held public forums.
Characteristics that stakeholders have identified as needed in the next president: Technical skills, educational background, intellectual distinction, experience managing a large complicated institution, financial human resources, collective bargaining, ethical, person who will put in checks and balances, experience in classroom teaching, track record.
Chair Mazzochi presents a long list of the traits that stakeholders would like to see in a new president.

Next step– Monday 6pm the committee will be meeting. Invites the public to attend and provide input to the committee.
Informational items for the BoT.
We cannot take action on the consent agenda due to lack of quorum.
Trustee Bernstein– reads parts of a letter from Trustee Birt he received today. That letter asks for a reorganizational meeting before meeting.
Bernstein suggests their collective decision to boycott the meeting might be a violation of the Open Meetings Act.
Bernstein lists the things that will not happen tonight because there is not a quorum:
–approval of consortium purchase for A and P models.
–Computer training for library
–Ethics training for staff and faculty
–approval of purchase of COMCASt spotlight for advertising for the MAC
–purchase of an electric organ
–contracts for various services
–Approval of certificates in various programs.
Bernstein says to the absent trustees — I have tried to reach out to you and will continue to try to work with you, but I can’t if you are not here. To the absent trustees: Please don’t hold the College hostage.

Trustee Napolitano — notes this is his third elected Board service. I call on my fellow trustees to come her, to work with us and discuss the things we must do. We have 60 days to work together to select a new trustee. I want an open and transparent process in which we all evaluate candidates and do that together. I participated in that kind of process before. It was open and transparent. We need full cooperation from all BoT members to do this. We must come together and find common ground to move forward. Or we can stay home, complain about others, and put our self-interest ahead of students, faculty and taxpayers. I welcome the trustees to join us at our next meeting. We need to move forward.

Chair Mazzochi– apologizes to people who are not being approved for appointments, transfers and promotions, I will continue to make it an agenda item so it can be approved.
I hope everyone really sits and reflects on where we want to go.
I wish everybody the best as we move forward to our next year

Next BoT meeting will be Thursday January 21st 2016 at 7pm
Move to adjourn because they cannot go into closed session. Meeting adjourned.