1/22 BoT Meeting Post 4

Discussion ensues of the agenda items that Trustee Hamilton asked to be removed.

Hamilton notes that the minutes were incomplete and important items were deleted from the minutes including the speaker who came in from NY to address the anti-Semitic nature of Trustee McGuire’s speech in defense of Dr. Brueder.

Heated discussion among the Trustees about whether or not the minutes were accurately reported.

Vote to approve 8B1 — approved.

8B2 — I would like to bring back to the table the imprest accounts — a policy needs to be added about the imprest accounts and transparency.

Motion to approve 8B2 — passes.  Only Hamilton opposes.

Approval of Board policies- 15-1-15-11/20-35 Code of Student Conduct

9B1 has been pulled from this month — non-renewal of faculty appointments./Dismissals

9B4 — Approval of the Fourth Addendum to College President Brueder’s Employment Contract.

Trustee Savage thanks Dr. Brueder for his service. She notes there have been many positive achievements during his tenure.

Trustee MCGuire reads a paragraph written by Dr. Brueder thanking the College employees.

There is a voice from the audience asking for copies of the document. Chair Birt says that copies of the document are available.

Chair Hamilton says the public needs to have access to this document. We cannot vote on this if the public has not seen and read this document.

This is a large expenditure the amount is very high and the public needs to be involved in this vote. Also the decision has been made for a departure and so waiting one year is too long. it should be no more than 6 months.

How is this figure of 762,000 — is this figured into the pension?

There are too many unanswered questions. Why hasn’t the public seen this document? Seen this number? I am not happy with the way this was derived, and I am not happy with the amount, nor the duration and I will not vote for it.

Lawyer says:  762,000 — lump sum payment. He can decide what he is going to do with it. Where he will invest it. In his pension, or wherever.

Hamilton notes that his pension will go up with this lump sum payment,

The lawyer says that will be between Brueder and SURS, not the College.

How he handles his pension is not the College’s business.

Lawyer says that Brueder will negotiate that with SURS.

McGuire — isn’t there a 6% cap with SURS after this there is no additional increase to the pension.

Lawyer: Correct, but the College does not decide that.

Brueder will retire in March 2016.

Hamilton: Why doesn’t the public have the terms of this contract? Isn’t it the public’s right to know this.

Hamilton: Did we provide it to the public? When was it made available?

Lawyer: it is available now.

Hamilton: When was it made available?

Birt — it was a draft of a confidential document about one of our employees. Confidential draft document that SOMEHOW got tendered to someone outside of the Board.

Hamilton: MY question is: why didn’t we make this available to the public?

Savage: We haven’t voted on it yet.

Birt: You made it available to the public.

Hamilton: Are you accusing me of something?

Birt: We made it available when the Board needed to vote on a draft document.

Hamilton: How much time did the public have to consider this document?

O’Donnel — Calls the question and shuts out the debate.

VOTE proceeds on the addendum: All vote yes except Hamilton.

IT is official — Dr. Brueder will be retiring by March 2016.