1/28 BoT Meeting Post 4

Audience member who is a student asks audience and the Administration to stop the behavior. This institution deserves better.

Jan Shaw. Have been here frequently. This is a mulligan. You don’t have to vote the same way you did last time. It would be fine for Dr. Brueder to leave tomorrow. Instead of getting a golden parachute, how about repaying what you have spent at the Waterleaf? And BoT think about retiring too.

Beverly Perlson. Thank you Kathy Hamilton. Why are you naming this building after Dr. Brueder? You have a very brave young man from Wheaton (She quotes a speech about Sgt Robert Miller that was given by President Obama when Miller was awarded the posthumous Medal of Honor about his bravery in battle when he was killed) This building should be named after him.

David Goldberg.I am turning my time over to Mrs. Mary Kranz. Former Trustee 1995-2001 of COD BoT. Also served as chair. I came to speak about being fiscally responsible. This severance pay is outrageous. The taxpayers of  our district, COD cannot afford this. Bot’s inflate administrator salaries and benefits which does not help our state’s finances. You are elected to be responsible to your public. Current BoT incumbents, take your names off the ballot in the upcoming elections.

Stephanie Torres. Former Student Trustee, SLC President. You are in a difficult spot. You have reviewed this matter. You need to listen to the public, but you should also take into consideration Dr. Brueder’s many accomplishments.

Dwayne Bradley. I will not repeat things that have already been said. I know of nobody who voluntarily retires who gets over 760,000 as a gift to retire. MAny people in this district and in this room only get 30,000 a year for their pensions. As Bot members you represent the taxpayers, not the President of this college. Take the taxpayers opinions into consideration. You should be ashamed of yourselves for giving him this money. Frivilous expenditures have already been enjoyed. Brueder should be ashamed of what he has taken. Brueder should resign and so should all 6 of you who voted for this package. The 6 of you are not supportingthis community but instead supportin the extravagant lifestyle of Dr. Brueder. MAybe Lisa Madigan’s office should get involved. I make a motion that Dr. Bruede and this Board resign right now. Do I have a second?

Lots of ayes from the audience and applause.

Rick Lightheart — I am going to take a different approach to this. (HE then quotes PEter in the Bible about Greed. I am a theologian and I work with churches. We have to protect people from falling into avarice and greed. I don’t think Brueder is a bad man. I think he is a lost ma You need to protect him. This is not a money issue. It’s a spiritual issue. It’s tough to get repentance in church and it is tough here. Brueder, you are in a mess, and so is the BoT. You have a way out. But you have to confess it. I strongly encourage you to find a pastor in Wheaton to get help form. I’ve seen it all. The pinnacle problem is your fear of confessing your sins. If you want to talk to me, I’m there for you, Brueder. I encourage you to pray. This is a spiritual issue we’ve got going here.

Heidi Mullan. Former COD student. Also her husband, and her son is currently there. Our family has a vested interest in this school. And this community. Last week 6 people in this room forgot or ignored what their title means “Trustee.” One to do something that is entrusted. We have entrusted our hard-earned money. You have disgraced yourselves by violating our trust. And it wasn’t the first time you did this. Or even the second. If you vote again for this tonight, you will show us you are no longer entitled to the word “Trustee” because you have violated that agreement. I urge you to do the right thing and vote no.

Peter Breen. Resident. Why has your lawyer not warned you that your attempt to pass this retirement without disclosing this information is a violation of the Open Meetings Act. (Goes on to discuss why so much of the BOt’s actions are hard to understand) ThisBoT is the worst possible negotiator that gave up everything without even negotiating. Why would you want to name a building after a man who does these things?  a man who engaged in litigation with Glen Ellyn? Hasn’t reported on facilities spending. THe 20 million grant that was denied? The embarrassment? To seal records at the Court? The incumbent BoT members need to explain their position. Maybe tonight.

Jack Thorne — DuPAge County resident for over half a century. This is a shame what I have seen happen over this past decade. I don’t think Brueder should be given that tremendous package. It would be nice if he left tonight together with the six BoT members who voted for this package.