1/28 Bot Mtng Post 2

Richard Jarman, CODFA VP. Goes over the chronology of last week’s voting on Brueder’s package. VP Collins told us that afternoon that he did not know about the retirement vote.  What does it say about this institution if the second in command at the College really doesn’t know about the most momentous occurrence at the College? (HE goes on to talk about how long the retirement package was being prepared in private, in secret. He also points out that the expensive addition of this severance lump payment contradicts the BoT’s claim to be looking after COD’s fiduciary health)

More than 6,000 students could spend the same amount of money on tuition. The time to leave is now.

O’Brien — Resident of 502. What is happening here is systemic of what is happening throughout education. I’ve never seen you before in my life but I can smell your arrogance from here. After being responsible for more than 10 million dollars of taxpayers money being misspent, I urge you BoT members to rescind this payment.

Laura Reigle. (She says that the Bot is voting on awarding the title of Emeritus to Dr. Brueder but he hasn’t been here the requisite 15 years, so it is not allowable. She also questions the clause in the severance agreement about Dr. Brueder’s behavior)  What does the title of Emeritus bring? Nov 3 2014 Dr. Brueder released a written statement in which he declared he was not going to retire and would honor his contract which went until 2019. So Chair Birt if you knew for all this time that Bruder wanted to retire, why did he write this? Who was lying? As a taxpayer who works hard for the money she pays for this…(she also points out that the contract extensions have never been voted on by the BoT in public)

Kirk Allen. CoFounder of Edgar County Watchdogs. This BoT has not taken a single step to correct the misdoings of this ADminsitration.  (He says, in reference to the clause about Bruedre’s maintaining appropriate behavior “What about his past behavior? )  If any of you have any honor you will not vote on this matter and you will never name a thing after this man. (He advocates naming the building instead after Sgt Robert Miller, of Wheaton) Dr. Bruder, I urge you to strike the clause in this contract naming the building after you and do the honorable thing and have this building named after Sgt Miller, not after you.

Sandy Pihos — /there is a clear lack of transparency at COD. This Bot violated the state’s Open Meetings Act, it also violated the state statute that requires the posting agenda items in public meetings in advance. Public bodies represent the people, we are here to encourage them, to keep government. This BoT should have done earlier what it is doing tonight. IT should have posted the materials, had a large venue, and postponed the voting until the public had a chance to read it.

Len Green. Palatine resident. MY taxes do end up here. I want to add that when we elect officials to public service we trust them to be competent and honest. Mrs. Hamilton, I thank you. I’m quite happy to front 100 dollars to a legal fund to sue….Dr. Brueder, I feel sorry for you today. I think it’s a shame that you are being publicly humiliated by 6 BoT members.

Student — I am grateful to live in a country that is free to allow me to criticize nepotism. (He lists the wonderful travel opportunities he has had through COD)