2-19-2015 BOT Meeting Post 6

Reconvenes at 9:52

Hamilton pulls Financial reports 8 B 1 and 8 B2  and 8 A 3, Minutes from Jan 22 Board Meeting

Acting Secretary Svoboda reads consent agenda-

Discussion and crosstalk about what sections have been pulled-Birt states she likes to be clear.

Approves  8 B 3 Bid Items

Approves 8 B 4 Requests for Proposals

Approves  8 B 6 Personnel actions

Roll Call Unanimous Consent:

Birt calls 8 B 1 a, b, c, Minutes from January meetings open and closed.

Savage moves, McGuire seconds

Hamilton want clarification on the listing of speakers who discussed Breuder’s severance package. She wants someone to watch the tape and correct the record.

Svoboda asks for clarification on what has been pulled-

Wozniak asks Hamilton what exactly she would like fixed. Hamilton wants the order of the speakers fixed in the minutes. Crosstalk between Birt and Hamilton.

Savage asks Hamilton if she wants to pay staff to review the tape and revise accordingly, Crosstalk ensues. Mcguire states that she had the minutes amended prior to the meeting,

Hamilton states that during a break constituents requested that the minutes be amended.


Birt calls the vote to approve the minutes as written.

Motion passes 6-1 Hamilton votes no.

Birt brings up 8 B 2 Financial Reports

Hamilton states that the audits are skewed and the handling of controls and insufficient.

Savage defends Sypata- cross crosstalk ensues between Savage and Hamilton.

Birt calls for vote

Motion passes 6-1 Hamilton votes no

Birt opens dicusion on Operating Funds 8 A 3

Hamilton has no confidence in financial operations

Savage defends Sypata, challenges Hamilton to explain the difference between a registered CPA and licences CPA?

Hamilton accuses Savage of baiting her.

Svoboda, supports Sypata

-Audience applause-

Birt calls for vote- passes 6-1 Hamilton votes no

Revisons to board policies 9B

No discussion-Calls for vote motion passes unanimously

Birt calls for reappointment of administrators-passes unanimously

Calls for discussion-no discussion-calls for vote-Passes 6-1 Hamilton abstains

approval of review  and destruction of closed session minutes-Passes unanimously

Discussion FY 2016 tuition increase

Hamilton states that if we reduced  tuition we would see a “real increase” in enrollment. Savage states that “this is a ratification of what was discussed in August.” Hamilton argues with Savage and McGuire about the effects of rising tuition on student enrollments. Savage discusses fiscal responsibility, expresses worries about state budget. Svoboda want to reach out to all students and the concern for cost.  Omar Escamilla thanks the Foundation for the scholarships they give out. Savage quotes Bente on completion rates.

Vote: 6-1 to keep tuition flat. Hamilton votes no because she wants tuition lowered.

Open comments:

Laura Reigal: Comments that a company that is dissolved received a contract tonight in the consent agenda. She calls for the firing of the responsible employees.

Dan Bailey: Asks if COD doesn’t have the highest tuition rates and if so we should find a way to reduce the tuition rates

Jan Shaw: Returns to the incorrect minutes from Jan 22. She volunteers to review the minutes and send them the corrections

John Kraft; Thanks for board for printing incorrect minutes, thanks the student for his comments, but reminds him that in a community there is no segregation among different groups.

Kirk Allen: Nobody asked him why no one asked him what in the minutes were incorrect. References Section 3.8 of the community college act. Chastises the board for not answering questions. he understands that responding at the same meeting is not often possible, but they should be responded to in a timely manner.

Roger Kempa: Questions Savage about her question to Hamilton about the difference between certified and registered CPA. He asks who is qualified to be on the Audit committee and who is on said committee. He states that several months ago the Board had the opportunity to have a forensic audit and declined. He states they can either ask for a forensic audit or have one imposed by the state.

Sam Dooley: discusses the last referendum to build new instructional space, comments that current spate of bad news stories  gets in the way of development. “No Tea For COD”.

Andrew Adrejedzski, Savage sat on the ICCTA (?) audit committee when 60 state employees had to go to a rally for Jessie Jackson and Nancy Pelosi. turns to the radio station scandal. Claims that they should have know about Valente because his dismissal from Elmhurst was in the paper Urges the board to follow the Tribune editorial board’s request that they all resign.

Board members discuss ACCTA conference in Washington DC

Svoboda discusses  audit committee meeting.  McGuire discusses by-laws committee meeting. The meeting was interesting and short. Savage discusses legislative committee, Pell Grant funding was front and center.

Wosniak discusses diversity committee.

Crosstalk about ACCTA meetings and issues

Foundation Report: McGuire states the first annual report due this month. Announces a Donor Wall for donors.

Meeting Wrap Up,

McGuire moves to adjourn  Savage seconds-Board Votes- Meeting adjourns 10:56 (several minutes after lights go out.