2/18/16 BOT meeting agenda #8 Consent Agenda

Birt pulled Item D and McGuire pulled item L from the consent agenda.

All other items pass unanimously. Olsen mentions his pleasure that his first vote includes granting faculty tenure.

Item D is on the table, Curricunet contract. Birt asks for counsel to comment on tying the hands of future boards, considering that this is a 3-year contract with automatic renewal. Counsel says that issue does not apply to services or commodities. Only applies to contracts in employment agreements.

Item D is then approved by unanimous vote.

Item L, external audit services RFP. McGuire raises some issues with RFP language, corrections. Also raises issue of three-year contract with auditor, is this a problem? Counsel says that it is services, not an employment contract. Other details are discussed. This RFP is urgent, Dishner says. They agree to amend the motion so that language can be corrected and the RFP issued without needed further BOT action. Amendment passes unanimously. After more discussion, the main motion passes.