4/21 BoT Regular Meeting Post 2

Chair Mazzochi calls the regular meeting called to order.

All trustees except Birt present.

Chair Mazzochi (speaks about her hopes for the future, for thoughtful, professional, measured, calm and respectful ways. We have high hurdles ahead, but also high hurdles already behind us).

Every member of this BoT and the college community has the chance to discuss with me sound policies and principles. Not all of us have the same vision. Let’s be respectful. But ultimately ground what we do in the best interest of the college.

I thank members of the community and the college who have taken the time to speak to me.

(speaks about her mother was a student when the college was in its infancy. Asks everyone to think where we were a year ago). We are well positioned to be in an even better place next year. We will continue to get better, Exciting way to start our 50th anniversary.

(notes that any of the three presidential candidates will be good for moving the college forward)

Discusses the presidential search. Notes the presidential forums for all three finalists. Also the Bot has received questions and has received incredible feedback.

The Bot believes it will be in a position to vote on the three finalists in the first week of May. All BoT members should engage in productive discussion with their colleague. Keep an open mind and keep in mind what the members of the public have to say.

Mazzochi then goes to the podium to present

Presentation to the BoT on the 3rd update– Board Response to the Dec 16 HLC Determination.

April 2017 is the deadline to sub mit the Assurance Filing that demonstrates compliance the HLC Standard Pathway Protocol. This means we are not in AQUIP.  It is not a punishment, but a more structured way to report to the HLC.

Go to the HLC website to see what the Standard Pathway means. There are more than 200 other colleges that are on the Standard Pathway and not AQUIP. It is not a punishment.

It is a legal brief that shows each of the 5 criteria are met.

Mazzochi shows a sample Assurance Filing. The sample is of one of the criteria where COD is not in compliance. (Criterion 2 — Integrity –Ethical and Responsible Conduct. Also Criterion 5 — only examples, to show COD BoT what the Assurance Filing should look like)

Moral story to take home from the HLC conference is that we need a culture of self

self-criticism, self improvement,. We can experiemt nad see what works. We need to demonstrate how we live to the mission. Tying our goals to the mission. Thinking about our core values and living them, showing them, not just saying them, every day. They want to see that we are systematic and objective when it comes to planning. We want data collection, wider involvement.

Where we are out of compliance — we have made incredible progress Investment policy — that has been completed. Bernstein, Olsen McGuire are the Audit Committee.

Failure to notify the BoT — Dr. Collins and Mazzochi have looked to increase communication and improve it.  IT is getting much better since November. Offers examples of recent problems that required prompt communication. We need a culture of inclusiveness and working together. We should be targeting to make sure that we get the Administration sooner.

Criterion 2, Core Component 2A . Strengthened internal controls.  More oversight on big contracts and conflicts. Suggests Bot members should have a refresher on the bid process. BoT has authorized Ethics training college-wide.

Discusses progress in Criterion 5, Core component 5B.

When the General Counsel position is filled, more progress. Strengthen “whistleblower” protections.

Kartje will present May 2016 Academic Affairs on the administration response to the faculty Vote of No Confidence.

Improvements — many new program approvals, much more thorough. Supporting documentation. This will help to ensure that things like SLEA do not happen again.

Discusses the areas that HLC considers “Meets with concerns” (not out of compliance) –cooperation and communications. Protecting academic integrity.


Action Plan for April 21, 2016:

Select new president.

Asks all Bot members to present goals for the next year at the May meeting.

Each Bot member to rank committee preferences.

Each trustees to identify 3 areas for policy improvement and 3 areas where we are doing well.

Each trustee to identify at lest 3 priorities to consider for strategic planning.

Each trustee to review in-depth assurance filing (sent by Dr. Collins this week)

Board ethics and governance training RFP issued

Board retreat to improve cooperation

HLC liason Barbara Johnson is invited to meet with the Bot in May to discuss status and goals.


Trustee Olsen — Thanks Mazzochi and Collins for attending the HLC Conference. Very important to have this connection. Is excited to meet with Barbara Johnson. We have 2 issues that are paramount — hiring the new president and making sure we are ready and the Assurance Filing will bring us off probation.

Mazzochi: All trustees had already discussing that what they need to focus on is the HLC report.

Student Trustee Report: Trustee Escamilla —  thanks Stephanie Torres for her work as ICCB Student representative. The new one is also from COD. Welcomes the new representative.

Thanks Trustee Mazzochi for joining the “lunch with leaders” as part of Student Leadership Council activities. Presents Joe Stahl to speak about Advocacy Day when community college students go to Springfield to advocate for bills that pertain to community colleges and higher education as a whole. It’s a great opportunity for us to transition our officers to their upcoming roles.

This ear of course the topic was funding. We narrowed down our issues to funding and credit transfer, and student success and credit for prior learning.

Generally we felt that the leaders were receptive and respectful.

Thanks Mary Ann Millush and Chuck Steele for driving the students to Springfield. A capstone for an amazing year that SLC has had in service of the students and the college.

President’s Report — updates on the 50th anniversary committee process. Also on WDCB station manager. And also recognize Steve Schroeder as Phi Theta Kappa advisor. Community College honor society.

Professor Steve Schroeder speaks to the Bot about the importance of groups like Phi Theta Kappa — and the Buffalo Theater Company — to COD. Speaks about the initiative to start a food pantry. Acknowledges Shannon Hernandez who is almost up to 20 years (Schroeder for 15) who has worked with me all the way.

Dan Bendert, station manager of WDCB comes forward. Has been here for 2 1/2 years. Collins acknowledges  past problems with the radio station.

Bendert presents on the station:

39th year of operation.

On the air 24/7.  365 live and local.

Cultural outreach– hundreds of thousands of listeners in the Chicago region.

Professionally staffed, but have students also. And many professional staff are COD alumni.

Student journalists. Also many community volunteers.

Works with community partners.

Promotes music education.

Audience — weekly around 170,000

More than 200,000 unique web audio listeners last year.

Ethically diverse audience — 25 to 30% Latino and African American.

Wide range of age. Many young listeners.

Booster tower now has now solved interference issues in Chicago.

Discusses how the radio is a powerful form of outreach for COD because many listeners are not part of the college community.

Presentation on the financials —

COD appropriations for WDCB — FY99- FY13   $625.632

FY 14   $362,754

FY15  $278,772

Percentage of expenses covered by WDCB is 83.5%, paid by COD $16.5

Largest source of revenue for WDCB — listener donations

COD appropriations have been going down, and he expects that trend to continue.

Expenses are flat.

Things that made this happen:

The WDCB antenna tower is a revenue stream that generates more than 150,000 annually for the station.

Special events.

Also, Bendert now does two jobs and reduced one position by taking them on.

Describes how he noted problems at the station by the previous engineer who was taking money from the station and is now no longer there. That former engineer is now indicted on charges of fraud. Still in litigation. We figured out that the problem existed within the walls of WDCB. We found that out and cleaned it up. We no longer have a full-time engineer. We have a part-time engineer.

Other administrative changes have brought down expenses and increased revenue.

No questions.

Joe Moore comes forward to update on 50th anniversary celebration committee.

More than 50 activities planned for the year, starting in July in. various communities.

Friday August 25th is the official opening to the public. Chicago Brass Transit. Official public kick-off.

Campus graphics will be installed over the summer and ready for fall term.

Sept 17 — annual food truck rally and Sunset 5K

Discussion of activities continues.

Napolitano suggests that the BoT gets involved in these events. Asks for a sign-up form.

Mazzochi asks about donating a 50th anniversary t-shirt, pin, hoodie, for incoming students.

Moore: There will be a t-shirt day with free t-shirts with a tie-die theme.