4/30/2015 Special Meeting Post 1

Chair Hamilton asks for motion to begin the meeting and approve the agenda. Any discussion: Birt: I object to this agenda. I do not understand how this agenda was planned. I belive it violates BoT policy  5-130 and the Open Meetings Act .  It seems 4 trustees called a meeting. I will vote no on every item. Hamilton: Clarifies the Open Meetings Act and why it was legal.  Asks that the objecting trustees (which include McGuire)   review 2-8 of the Community College Act. Goes over that section and says the meeting is legitimate. Roll call: Birt and McGuire vote no. All others vote yes. Prudy Widlak, speaking as a resident of District 502. First I echo Kathy Wessles remarks about Trustees Savage and Svoboda which I share. I do have some concerns about the proposed policy revisions and urge the BoT to reconsider these changes. Revisions to policy 5-90, formulation of administrative procedures could easily lea to micromanaging and result in inefficiencies in college operations. Should they not be revised they should be applied very   5-130 concerning formation of the agenda. It seems to me that preparation of the agenda without input of college’s representatives would seem to miss the main purpose of the BoT which I 5-171 provision of office space and related resources for the BoT. I don’t think District taxpayers are well served by diverting resources from the main purpose fhte college. I encourage great restraint of this policy should it come to pass. Laura Reigle: With the new Bot in place, with the new board and incumbents and the public — I want everybody to be aware of the Impact that was sent out to all   Reference number9 -SCC sots were 9million dollars. Upon watching a video from 2012 with Power Contracting, that built the SCC.  He said the budget at a meeting in 2012? he said it was 5 million dollars.  But the college says through IMpact that it spent 9 million, which is over the allotted 15% over busget. Jeffrey Crowell — lifelong resident of the district and COd graduate. Recently the leader of the Edgar County watchdogs mentioned the need for the Trustees to abide by the law and provide the public with transparency for their actions. This is why it distresses me that the so-called Clean Slate has operated in secrecy. The Clean Slate has decided to hire legal counsel in secret. Where were the bids for those? What gave you the authority for that process without input from the public. It works both ways. You have to abide by the law. Why are we wasting money for an office and office equipment and apparently staff for the new members of the BoT? It seems like a campaign office. A chance for them to do their own business. Ed Frankowick– he acknowledge the efforts of various people, Trustee Hamilton, Watchdogs, Tribune reporters, faculty and the VNC , Adam Adrejewski and Openthe Books.  He thanks and acknowledges the role in all these people who opened his eyes to what was going on at COD.  He asks Laura Reigle the “COD Golden Throne Award 2015” to Laura Reigle for her efforts. Kirk Allen: Two questions I have asked consistently — says who and with what proof? These questions are critical. Today there were accusations that the Open Meetings Act has been violated.  But you need to ask two questions: How many times have you read the Act? I am assuming you haven’t Miss Birt, given how many times you violated it.  The gentleman suggested it was a violation that the hiring of an attorney was improper. If you read the package, you can see that it is a 4 month stopgap. Professional Service — it doesn’t require bidding.  It is clear that in these times it is necessary. It is an interim movement to get things going forward.  There was a woman who spoke previously who said that the outgoing trustees put the student first was that before the steaks and the filet mignon and the booze?   To this new board, if you think for a second that as a whole we won’t be watching you as we watched the previous board, you are fooling yourselves. We will be watching you. John Kraft — I’ll be brief. Two issues. Repeal the oppressive public speaking policy that was shoved through everybody’s throat several months ago. Second, I would hope that you would give your college newspaper back to the students. And never again let an administrator run roughshod over it. Roger Kempa:  I read that this is a stopgap measure to have a law firm for four months and then there will be a bidding. For the past 5 years there has been a 190 million surplus without telling the public what you are going to be doing with this. Also students are paying more tuition here than in neighboring community colleges. We need to address this? Also is the data about COD’s enrollment data correct? Karol Sole: yields her time to Julia Beckman. Lifelong member of District 502. Member of League of Women’s Voters. I want to echo what others have said about appearance of lack of transparency. Perhaps the Open Meetings Act has been followed but most places h   this is a high profile election and you are hig profile people and you want to be cautious about how you appear to the public. Be careful about having what appears to be secret meetings and setting an agenda.  You are here to put COd on sound footing and maintain that and make it better — to immediately start spending money on staff and office space which you might now need – I urge you to be autious. Dan Bailey- lifelong resident of District 502.  I was a candidate in this election too. I want to appreciate people who gave past service. Even if I didn’t agree with them, I appreciate the lot of work that it took. to the new trustees I understand you will be working for the good of COD. I have three questions. Is Breuder’s medical leave going to be paid? Does this challenge his severance agreement since he cannot serve his last year? And 3, you seem to be enlarging the scope of the audit that the state wants to do on COd. And you are proposing hiring a law film to oversee the forensic audit. Is there a way you can combine the law firms for both of these because they are expensive. Hamilton: I want everybody to be aware of a change in policy. We are going to change things. You asked good questions and they deserve an answer. LEave your name with MaryAnn Millush and she will get back to you with answers. (Asks MAryAnn Millush to stand) Stepahnie Torres- SLC — reports on SLC trip to Springfield on Advocacy Day. Refers to their advocacy for House resolution 35 which request  that commniuty colleges are an important part of the prosperity of our nation. They also advocated for Senate Bill 806 — students with junior status have priority admission at 4-year institutions. SLC welcomes the new BoT members. She congratulates Gloria roark. Aira Aquino — form SLC — soon she will be finishing her experience at COD. She thanks COD for the opportunities  as a student leader. This will help her on her path to be a diplomat.  I want to encourage the new BoT to put students at the forefront of what you do. Administrative issues are important but students must have your attention. Pay attention to the minority population which is growing on this campus. Understand that we work at low wage jobs to pay for our education.

(Several students spoke.  Techical problems.

David Goldberg, Professor of Political Science, described an email correspondence with one of his former students. This is the text of the student’s messages to him (published with permission):

April 24: I had an interview for a fellowship the other day. One of the people interviewing me mentioned they’d heard some shady stuff about the community college listed on my resume. So I guess I won’t be listing CoD anymore until everyone over there can start behaving.

April 26: It’s just a shame. I have nothing but respect for the professors at COD. The fact that some shady dealings on the part of the leadership at the college can make anyone question the quality of the institution itself is maddening. Keep fighting the good fight. 

Richard Jarman, CODFA VP. I would like to direct you to resolutions passed by the faculty Senate One was already out there in Febraury but has yet to appear in the minutes. A suggestion to the new secretary. It is respectful to the speakers that their words be printed especially when they are supplied n written form.

We suggested that the BoT rescind the naming of the HEC building for Robert Breuder. The Senate believes that the building should be named if and when a more suitable candidate is found.

CODFA Senate has asked the BoT to put Breuder on administrative leave until all investigations are resolved. We are currently on a dangerous path. IT is time to act decisively.. If there is evidence of wrongdoing by the President, he should be fired.

I have heard people question the wisdom of your having office space on campus. I believe the intention is to have more communication with the community. If you have a modest office for that purpose, I think it would be a jolly good thing and I am in support of it.

Hamilton: I would like to instruct Dr. Collins that all comments are written into the minutes and that is written comments are submitted that they be attached.

James Kell — of Medina. elected member of the Republican Central Committee. I wasn’t going to talk but I have heard some things that make me want to talk. First of all god bless the new BoT members. God bless Kathy Hamilton. Congratulate Dr. Breuder and the old Bot people — you have woken up the sleeping gorilla. Your indifference and your arrogance have opened up the floodgates of investigation of your mismanagement. The law is going to come and get you if you are found of wrongdoing. You have done a horrible job. The prosecutorial apparatus of that state, local and federal agencies are coming to investigate you.