5/14 BoT Special Meeting Post 2

Mark Misorowski, Resident of Lisle. Comments directed not at Bot but to students and their parents. I read the HLC letter addressed to Drs Breuder and Collins and also read the Tribune article titled “Troubled COD faces review by accreditation authority.” I am the parent of two kids going to college. What would I tell my kids if they were going to COD. What would I tell my wife? Those are the comments I want to give to the students. There is a time when you need a second and third opinion. What’s on line is your future — not mine, not my wife’s not BOT members’, nor the faculty’s. But yours. When you need to make a major life decision sometimes you don’t take the opinion of just one physician. Sometimes you get the opinion of a second or third doctor.  This HLC letter is just one of those events. You should get a second opinion from my most trusted faculty adviser at COD. Maybe I should go to other institutions where I am thinking of having my credits transferred to and ask “is this now going to be trouble in my future.” If you want to get a job this summer and eventually a career in your chosen profession, talk to somebody in the field and ask. I hope you make some wise decisions. I wish you the best of luck.

Roger Kempa

Are there any restrictions to phone calls to interim president Collins or VP Glaser. I have not been getting my calls answered. I am tired of getting FOIAs not answered.

Chair Hamilton says to talk to Maryann Millush.

Kempa continues — what is the status of the PR firm that was hired in March? Are they still on board? Are they out?

Hamilton: We will be talking about that in the meeting.

Kempa: Normally an audit firm for year-end audit is generally being hired by now. Books close June 30th. Also there is an investment audit. Legal compliance, though it doesn’t cover ethics or morality but it should be added.

Was the College founded in 1965?

Hamilton: Yes

Kempa: Let’s not forget that. It’s going to be the 50th anniversary.

Hamilton: I stand corrected. It was 1967.

Kempa-Hopefully by then (50 years of COD) everything will be in order and we can have a big celebration.

Miguel Marino- Proud to be a student at COD and also a classified employee. I am not affiliated with any political party. First congratulations to Gloria Roark, first African-American student trustee at COD. We all need to celebrate diversity. I had a speech at the last meeting about accepting different mentalities at COD, no matter what. I did not give my own thoughts about it because I was shocked by what I was hearing. I had heard many things about the Tea Party. I think that the election of the Clean Slate was a show of democracy. But the results of that election are not being lived up to. This is not the democracy we wanted. There is a one-sided aspect to this new Board as was said of the old Board. I know it is hard to live up to the high expectations of democracy and it is hard to achieve it. I still have faith that this Board will achieve it. There are things we should not accept like disrespect. I would like everybody to be more respectful of each other. We need to speak up when we see wrongful actions. If we do not speak up we become part of the problem.

Hamilton asks Trustee Roark for a Student Trustee report. She does not have one.

Hamilton asks Interim President to give out the Outstanding Faculty Awards.