5/14 Special BoT Meeting Post 3

VPAA Jean Kartje announces outstanding faculty awards.

Chris Miller, Communications and Speech faculty, COD outstanding Full-time  Faculty Award.

Nominated by students who says he has a passion for what his students do in and after his class. He treats students as people first. He presents interesting lectures about material that could be dull.

Outstanding P/T faculty Kaitlyn Lutger. Humanities Lecturer.  Student nomination describes her as “interactive and enlightening.”

Outstanding Division — Health Information Technology,  Cheryl Jackson

Business and Technology: Bill Carmody

Business and Technology: Mike Foss

Health and Sciences:   Dilyss Gallyot Professor of Nursing

Health and Sciences:  Mathematics Professor Carolyn Soo

Liberal Arts:  English Professor Danica Hubbard

Liberal Arts:   History Professor Helen Feng

Counselor: Carol Giegerich