6-25 Regular BOT Meeting – Post 4

Discussion between McGuire (who argues that a new budget is being drafting) v. Hamilton who argues that the budget is currently a draft, that multiple scenarios are being considered.

McGuire: Napolitano politicized the budget process by sending it to your email lists.

Mazzocchi: this is all out of order because the only motion is to approve the minutes.

Haimlton: Dianne, your concerns are heard. Our discussion should be civil and respectful

McGuire: and inclusive.

Hamilton: and inclusive, which is why you’re talking right now. This is a new process, it’s more open, it’s more collaborative. You’re welcome to participate. We cannot descend into bickering. It is unbecoming of this institution.

Wozniak: you say this is an open board. I get emails from my dad with information and update that he sends me, that you did not provide or share. And you say it’s an open board.

Hamilton: give me a list of these items and we’ll look at them and figure out, But we’re not going to descend in unpleasant discourse.

Wozniak: [keeps talking over her]

Hamilton: organize that information and let’s see where the communication went astray. This institution deserves better than this. [to McGuire[ You should have attended the budget meeting. You know we have a Waterleaf committee, you should talk to Charles, you can’t just complain at every meeting.

McGuire: if there are committees, they should be reporting.

Hamilton: you’re going to hear these reports tonight.

McGuire: I would have appreciated written reports ahead of time.

Napolitano: the only budget committee met, there are minutes that we are voting on right now.

Roark: if I missed the meeting, should I abstain.

Lawyer: only the budget committee can approve its own minutes. The board cannot vote on this.

Motion to remove item #7 from the agenda. Motion passes.