6/11 Special BOT Meeting – Glenn Hansen’s Comments

Good evening. I’m Glenn Hansen, President of the College of DuPage Faculty Association and Faculty Senate.

It was a little child who said, “But the emperor has nothing at all on!”  It seems the analogy never grows tired. Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperors New Clothes continues to be the appropriate story to remember as we deal with the last 7 years.

Narcissism has been the fabric of the Emperor’s gowns. Arrogance has been the previous administration and Board’s greatest sin.

Being a successful businessman is not demonstrated by winning at the board game of Monopoly with the collection of $200 every time you pass “Go” or building hotels on Park Place. You are not running a successful business when you build an obscene fund surplus on an underspent budget with a guaranteed revenue stream of ever increasing tuition and tax dollars. We are a non-profit school that must be managed with the common sense of financial responsibility, not a board game.

How many times did “they” brag about their financial prowess and berated us with the attitude that we, the employees and community, didn’t understand the complexities of money management, college operations, business, and the economy. “They” squeezed the budget, the students, the employees, and the taxpayers for every penny that could be extracted and then acted like a king and his court.

At this moment, we need to know who knew about this most recently revealed fiasco, what did they know, and when did they know it.

This college needs a real whistle blower policy that protects reporters of potential wrongs along with people who will unquestioningly protect the right and responsibility of the employees to speak up. In a column Adam Andrzejewski wrote, he called for a period of amnesty for testimony to the Board. I’m sure many people would endorse the idea of inviting all employees and former employees to come forward and speak while offered the appropriate assurances of confidentiality and protection.

To those who have enjoyed the life of excess, I say: edit your résumé and get out of town! We want our college back for the students and the community. There is no place at the NEW College of DuPage for anyone who has been part of the self-indulgence culture, or enabled the pandemic of disrespect for employees, or possess the weak ethics that have existed in Breuder’s kingdom.

Thank you.