6/25 Regular BOT Meeting – Post 10

Kirk Allen: I am making two complaints about use of public funds for private use, as acknowledged by Breuder in COD This Week. Breuder used public funds for his Max McGraw hunting lodge. The second complaint has to do with trustees using Res Publica, as well as misuse of public property for elections. These two complaints are in your policy.

Mark Misrowski: US dept of education published new regulations directed at community college through Title IV funds for gainful employment, is COD staff prepared for the implementation of these new regulations? Is COD staff prepared to discuss this with the HLC? Is the BOT educated on? On SEC, in 2014, was the BOT informed of the new SEC initiative by staff? IF so when? In 2014, did COD staff allow the SEC deadlines to lapse?

Linda Burke: Ms Hamilton, you have spoken of collaborative effort, open process, and give and take, but your behavior is the opposite. You have repeatedly interrupted other trustees. The hypocrisy is so glaring that even the CT might take notice. Some of the antics of the present board majority might violate the OMA. Your political group has a track record in Hinsdale. One of the tactics of your group is to squander money with no concern for students and teachers. COD teachers have not done their homework on the agenda of your group. You are already talking about program cut with all the rhetoric of wants and needs.

John Kraft: I’m glad this new majority has stopped some of the bleeding, some of the drinking of the alcohol.

Chairman comments: none

Trustee discussion

McGuire: I want to compliment Bob Hazard for his ideas, and doing things about adjuncts. I’m concerned that we have not seen any information about the presidential search. I’m counting 9 months, we should have somebody in place. We have not encouraged the auditor¬†general to come and do the audit. We have not seen an RFP for the lawyer we’re going to hire in August. I’d like to see the RFP proposal. That’s about it.

Hamilton: on the presidential search, I did talk to Narcissa Paloma and Dr Collins and I will meet with Dr Heider. And these discussions will kick off our presidential search. The RFP is currently being converted to an RFQ, one is an evaluation on qualification as opposed to other parameters.

Mazzochi: you don’t want to be too narrow. We might want someone with experience on labor and employment and we wouldn’t want to lose someone with those qualification, especially if we want firms run by women or minorities.

Napolitano: the censure of then Vice-chair Hamilton, I’d like the lawyer to tell us what authority the board had to do that.

Lawyer: I can provide information on that at our next meeting.

Mazzochi: (1) trustee Roark, I’d to start getting your input on some of these issues, as we get into Fall, even as action items; (2) RFP / RFQ, I wanted to see the original RFP that went our for the MAC, and make sure people can access them more easily; (3) the regulations, I’m on page 298, I’d be interested in looking at reports, these have to do with truth-in-marketing and COD has not had that on a systemic scale, (4) Bill Hillman, I’d like to donate 2 copies of his books to the library, and donate them in the name of Professor McGrath.

Napolitano: there is a dedicated page to the RFP but it’s only the bids.

BOT goes into closed session at 10:55pm. They will adjourn after that.