BOT 10/22/2015 Agenda #1-7

Meeting called to order at 7pm. Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Napolitano is absent because of work obligations. Bernstein moves to allow  him to participate by phone. Mazzochi takes his place to call the roll. All present vote yes.

Roark is absent. Birt is absent. There is a quorum.

The agenda is approved unanimously without discussion.


Keith Yearman, Professor of Geography. Spoke about elimination of health center when Breuder arrived, as well as reduction in numbers of counseling faculty. Noted demand for services increasing and need for greater resources in these areas. Urged expansion in these areas.

Judy Worley (?). Replied to McGuire’s characterization of Breuder’s firing as a political witch hunt, wonders why McGuire as a DuPage Dem would want any association with Breuder. Read the HLC report and supports the faculty view of bullying and intimidation. Calls on Clean Slate for a “clean sweep,” how can Collins be rewarded with a promotion and a raise?

Blake Walter, Assoc Dean for Learning Resources and Director of the Library. Long time taxpayer, father of current student. Attended scholarship reception recently and reminded of why I work at COD. Working in private sector of higher ed, became discouraged by mounting student debt. COD plays critical role providing affordable higher ed. Despite ongoing controversy, we are still a center for comprehensive learning, for cultural experience.

Student Trustee report – Roark absent because of student leadership conference.

No president’s report.

Trustee Wozniak gave comments about attending a conference for community college trustees. Attended sessions on success for male students of color, conducting effective presidential searches, ethical standards.

Chair Hamilton asked for more details on the presentations on president searches, mentions that the focus of the Nov 5 meeting will be the president search. Brief discussion.