BOT 10/22/2015 Agenda #19


Timing of transition team work, presidential search progress, Higher Learning Commission report. Responding is Chris Robling. McGuire asks for the BOT to address the governance issues, not attorneys. Should be discussed and transparent. Chair Hamilton agrees but says that the BOT would read the draft and send comments, since it is a legal response.

McGuire asks Robling to come back to the mic and asks several questions about his work. Discussion gets tense and Robling is defensive. Mazzochi and Hamilton tell McGuire she is asking about things that need to be discussed in closed session. McGuire says we have to be transparent. Hamilton calls McGuire “hostile.”

Mazzochi asks Collins about strategic planning process. This is uncontroversial.

Wozniak reads a statement about the clapping and cheering at Tuesday’s meeting, saying that he wants to hear that when the legal bills come in. States that executive search consultant Narcisa Polonio of Association of Community College Trustees did not advise the BOT not to hire Breuder during that search process.

Bernstein comments that he agrees with McGuire that all Trustees should have a hand in responding to the HLC report.