BOT 11-5-2015 Agenda #8-9

#8 This agenda item reflects recommendations imposed by the HLC report.

Authorization for the Board to organize a Board Retreat, establish an augmented Board Orientation Program, and to direct the Administration to describe and establish an Ethics Training Program for College Administrators

Bernstein proposes amendment to add faculty and staff to ethics training program. Amendment is accepted and voted on. Birt, McGuire, and Wozniak abstain. Amendment passes.

Linda Sands-Vankerk came to the podium to present on vendors for ethics training program. Described a 45-minute training product that can be adapted to include COD-specific material. Scenario based from the point of view of different types of employees. Very comprehensive.

Some discussion/description of options for board retreat.

Vote on the motion is unanimous.

#9 Approval of Academic Committee Charter

Mazzochi commented on the final version since several drafts have been circulated. She mentioned several issues that she felt the BOT should discuss. DIscussion of possible amendments. Birt objects that the document is disorganized.

Birt motions to table and McGuire seconds. This motion fails.

Discussion resumes. Birt states she does not support the motion. Wozniak says it’s very unorganized, it’s ridiculous to vote on it. Napolitano lists notes about the proposed changes – add a student, add an adjunct, have the administrator appointed by the President rather than the board chair. Hamilton concerned that the committee might get too large and not function well. More back and forth. Administrators would be designated by role, VPAA and VP Student Affairs. Discussion of how many trustees would be named to the committee.

Mazzochi moves a list of changes as one amendment. This motion passes. Birt votes no.

Vote on the main motion: passes. Birt votes no.

Note to readers, we should keep an eye out for the amended text of the charter. They did agree on two students, two full-time faculty, two adjuncts, and two (?) trustees. One of the trustees will be the chair.

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