BOT 9/28/15 Agenda items 5-6

5. Student Trustee Report – Service Learning

Students gain benefits from service learning including higher retention rates, learning course concepts in a hands-on setting, satisfaction of making contribution through service hours to community organizations. Video presentation.

Announced homecoming, two bands.

October Hispanic Heritage Month, visiting artist, panel discussion. Refer questions to Earl Dowling.

6. President’s Report

Joe Collins. Events demonstrate how faculty and staff go above and beyond. Described Open House for over 700 guests. More than 50 faculty on hand. At the MAC, dedication of Belushi Performance Hall drew 500 people. Laps with Chaps, 700 people. Astronomy professor last night drew over 400. These events happen year in year out, every year, important effort.

Recognition of Saraliz Jimenez, director of our Latino Outreach Center, who was honored at the state level for her work supporting Latino/a students in higher education.