BOT Meeting 2/18/16 agenda #6 Reports

Chairman’s report: a quick rundown of future meeting topics and plan for getting board business back on track.

Student Trustee report: Black History Month statement. Invited speaker Princess White, sophomore English major, recounted history of Black History Month. Acknowledges hard sacrifices that made her own opportunities possible. Calls for unity of one race, the human race.

President’s report: establishment of task force to address HLC probation, enrollment numbers holding up well in light of overall decline in community college enrollment statewide. Return to regular employees in Finance Dept.

Presidential Search Committee, Lee Daniels: Reviewed committee’s work so far. So far 385 applications received, very wide variety of applicants. Consultants reduced to 64 qualified, now down to 20 after phone interviews. These will be interviewed by consultants, the committee does not have the names of the final 20. Continuing to review new potential candidates as well. Next round will be 12 candidates presented to the committee confidentially. Interviews in closed sessions, following Open Meetings protocol.

McGuire expressed concerns about Hay & Co being the search firm, not qualified, inappropriate, will have a problem with any candidate brought forward by this firm. Some search committee members too close to former chair. Questions whether a subgroup of the committee is operating as a committee of the whole.

Daniels says that the committee so far has been very pleased with what they have gotten from the consultants. Also names committee members and states their commitment to the betterment of the college.

McGuire brings up language of contract in which Hay agreed to terms based on hiring other execs in addition to president. Repeats that she does not trust process, does not trust this firm.

Daniels tries to placate her, says please wait for the recommendations of the committee before making a judgment. There is no preconceived notion of who the president should be.

Exchange between Mazzochi and McGuire about the contract with Hay and the multiple searches. McGuire worried about the expenses outlined in the RFP for the other searches, which are now not being conducted by that firm. Mazzochi tries to shut down the question saying that the contract would have to be discussed in closed session.

There are a few other exchanges between Daniels and trustees.