BOT Meeting 2/18/16 agenda #1-5

There have been technical difficulties with the audio tonight and we do not have a blogger in the room. Regrettably, we were not able to capture the new trustee’s introductory¬†remarks.

We pick up with some of the public comments starting at about 7:20pm. Faculty leadership’s comments will be posted in full in a separate post.

Several speakers commented favorably on the new free speech policy and thanked Dr. Collins for its implementation.

Laura Riegle spoke about the downgraded bond rating and chided the boycotting trustees.

Mike McPherson spoke about photos of the college sports teams.

Bill Graham, local resident, supports new trustee Olsen and expresses thanks for willingness to serve. Looks forward to less drama and more business being done.

Clare Ball, member of local Libertarian group. Welcomes David Olsen but protests the process of his selection, disregarding existing pool of candidates. Selection was politically motivated. States that she is angry only at the boycotting trustees who gave up their vote.

John Kraft, Edgar County Watchdogs. References drama created by the boycotting trustees and their dysfunctional legacy.

Roger Kempa. A lot is being rammed through this meeting, lacking documentation. Discussed goal of new financial policy to create more transparency.

Miguel Marino, was involved with student government and later a COD employee, still has faith in board to find balance. Congratulations to Trustee Olsen. Young people can take on big roles. Don’t fear conflict, it is a step toward change and progress.

Kirk Allen, downgrading by S&P traces directly back to bad governance. Asks that all trustee and administrator wine/dines be reimbursed to the college. Points to collusion between Breuder and BOT Chairs Birt and Carlin. Closed session recordings must be released. Voting against it says you have something to hide. References how the Watchdogs have found a second secret contract with no work product, made by Glaser, that the BOT had no knowledge of. Pursue criminal charges for theft of taxpayer funds.

Paul Lefort, 47-year DuPage resident. Support of ethics training on the agenda tonight, lists details of 10 serious ethics breaches.

Keith Yearman, Prof of Geography. ICCB has been silent or inactive when complaints brought to their attention about issues at COD. Apparently has no enforcement authority. Its own executive says it is a primarily a coordinating board. Legislature gave it no oversight authority or neutered it over the years. Call upon Jeanne Ives to lead effort to give it more authority.