BOT meeting April 7, 2016 – Reports

We are picking up following the closed session called for the first hour of the meeting.

All Trustees present except Student Trustee Roark.

PRESIDENTIAL SEARCH COMMITTEE — Lee Daniels reviewed the process and selection of search firm and consultant. Several comments: COD reputation held strong in process of receiving application. Former BOT Chair Hamilton did outstanding job establishing search committee. Committee composed of broad rangeĀ of internal COD constituents – excellent model for the future because avoided potential pitfalls. Committee process included background checks and face-to-face interviews of finalists. Extremely hard work particularly by Paul LeFort and Mary Ann Millush in organizing logistics and meetings. Much work accomplished in short timeframe. The 3 names referred to the full board were chosen unanimously by the committee. Each fully capable of leading the college, serve with pride and distinction:

Dr. Barbara Cavalier, Naverro College, Corsicano TX

Admiral Ann Rondeau, Naval Academy Great Lakes (?)

Dr. David Samm, President, Elgin Community College

(apologies for mispellings/errors, this is based solely on oral presentation)

No ranking of the three candidates.

Thanks all members of the committee and also thanks BOT and community for opportunity to serve the college. Committee available for any further assistance required.

Trustee McGuire: what have we been telling candidates regarding length of contract, considering current litigation? Daniels: did not specifically discuss. Up to lawyers. All candidates had fully vetted the institution already.

Chair Mazzochi: recognizes all members of search committee by name and thanks for enormous volunteer services. Commends Daniels and committee for excellent work under hard deadline, owe debt of gratitude.

Night for each candidate to hold forum and speak to community:


Monday, April 18, Barbara Cavalier

Tues, April 19, Ann Rondeau

Wed, April 20, David Samm

Clarifies that action by state legislature has made it possible for the college to extend a full year contract.