BoT Meeting August 21 Post 2

Roll Call by Secretary O’Donnell.

All present, McGuire by phone.

Meeting called to order.

*Presentations: Daniel Lloyd, Dean Liberal Arts, talks about renovations and new programs and activities at the MAC Arts Center. Presents the new Director, Diana Martinez.

*Diana Martinez: Update on what’s happening at the MAC. “Engage, Inspire and Entertain.” That is our mission. Everything we do works towards those.  We presented an average of 40 events per week.  20 Main stage shows — occupancy at 83% which is over previous years.  12 sell-outs last season. This summer average about 1500 people per week with movies and concerts for evening arts programs.

Engagement: brings new people to campus to see the facilities and get to know the college.

Good press– lots of press coverage, positive, television, radio and print.

Arts Outreach. 4 months n the West Chicago school district with children. Toured college show to 9 location.

Over 1000 COD students performed on COD stages this year.

MAC Madness event raised 400,000.

1 million dollars in new art collection donations.

New Philharmonic awarded 150,000 grant.

Brand new website is now live. Expanded programming. New marketing approach. Improved service standards.

Cleve Carney gallery — install new collections, throughout campus. self-guided downloadable walking tour.

36% increase in new patrons.

2014 increase — increase sales by 90%. Doing more shows and bigger shows.

New programs to engage students. Programming of artists more attractive to COD students. All students will get 10 tickets at a discount price.

Next season will have mainstream programming, more comedy, more “student friendly.”

Classic theater with student workshops.

More family shows.

Martinez notes she left the commercial world to come from COD at Dr. Brueder’s encouragement who told her it would be a good opportunity to do something new.

*Student Trustee Report:  New student orientation event on campus. Student Trustee asks other students to come and speak. Talks about Homecoming 2014, a celebration of the COD football team. For the first time in 20 years there will be a series of events to promote COD pride.  The event will culminate with a day of three football games, leading up to Homecoming — COD vs. Georgia Military College.

Chaparral Football team member speaks.

Notes COD is the only two year college football team in Illinois.

Several students speak about their hope to make Homecoming 2014 the start of a new tradition.

Trustee Svoboda thanks students for coming.

* President’s Report.  President Brueder says he has asked VP Jim Bente to present to the meeting. Bente notes that there are 43 pages of accomplishments available to read in the Institutional Outcomes Review. 2014.

11 institutional outcomes last year.

4 were met.

7 were exceeded.

Significant outcomes: Powerful year with respect to enrollment.

Met all requirements of the Higher Learning Commissions quality checkup visit.

Updates and secured Board approval for the Strategic. Long Range Plan.

Notes that the HLC had no follow-up required on the basis of what they observed and learned about COD at their visit.

Expanded partnering activities — high school students can now earn COD credits via the Early College initiative with West Chicago and Glenbard East high schools.

Strong financial performance and stewardship.

External validations this year. This is important to see what external institutions say about COD.

ICCB was the only large community college in Illinois to see positive enrollment growth.

PACE reported a healthy college climate.

Benchmarking Institute (NHEBI)– headcount were in the 95th percentile meaning we are a large college. But we also have a significant number of minority students in our population.

Top decile of schools in staff development and training, student and transfers.

Source of operating funds: We are ONLY in the 14th percentile funding, but the 50th percentile for tuition. In other words we get little state funding but still keep our tuition lower.

Our Most Important outcome: Students.

Results of two surveys from students on student satisfaction . Preliminary results of Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey results.  This year’s is the highest rating of the last three years.

Lists three questions from this survey tool, and says that students are reporting great satisfaction with their experience at COD.

*Asks for questions.

TRustee Savage asks if the benchmark study looks only at community colleges. Bente indicates yes,