BoT Meeting August 21 Post 6

McGuire reports on the COD Foundation report.

Birt announces a five minute recess and then a return to public comments.

Meeting reconvenes at 10:49.

Public Comments reconvene.

*John Kraft. Thanks for returning to public comments. Refers to the July meeting and Birt’s “tirade” against Hamilton. Does the BoT approve those comments?

To Birt — you stated that Hamilton approved the agenda about the TLC building 3 times — your law degree should allow you to understand that approving an agenda is not the same as approving an item. Kraft challenges the Board’s right to the censure. Kraft asks the Bot to consider reorganizing the public comments section to discriminate against certain groups. Finally questions the Boards right to hold an executive session without a trustee even if you are going to be talking about her.

*Mark Kmiekik — resident of Wheaton.  Refers to the compensation of the administrators. Refers to the Chicago Tribune article, the Daily Herals lesson which says it hopes Dr. Brueder has learned his lesson. But Dr. Brueder has not learned his lesson. Instead of reforming, instead they target the reformer and attack her. Shame on you. You were caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Hamilton repeatedly asked you questions and you did not answer them.  Bruder’s memo to the BoT members about the money for the TLC building was an embarrassment to all stakeholders including students. Chair Birt should have fired Brueder. instead, she has told taxpayers to take a hike. And they will not tolerate any independence on this Board and therefore no reform. Let me remind you that Jathy Hamilton has the largest amounts of votes from any election ever. That is a mandate for reform. Thanks Hamilton for her courage and her conviction.

*Kirk Allen — notes that he is not allowed to show his Power Points. Birt confirms this and says the BoT is asking for speakers to submit their slides for later distribution.

Listen intently: I will be exposing criminal activity. Refers to Birt’s DUI and how she managed to get both counts dropped. It’s about deception that Birt has followed for years. She lied about the breathalyzer test, where she actually did blow 1.49

Did not respond to Herald’s question of “have you ever been elected?”

What does Birt allow under her watch?

Public Funds section of Illinois State Constitution — public purpose  Article 8 Section 1

Hiding expenditures of public funds for a private purpose? Hunting Club funds paid for Brueder are that kind of misuse.

Asks for Brueder to apologize and resign for his comments about how he would have joined the military only by being a five star general.

*Marko Sukovic — wants to discuss Brueder’s e-mail to the BoT and funding for the building. We can’t tolerate this kind of misuse.

*Bill Montgomery: Lemont Illinois. Senior Advisor for Turning Point, USA. Chapter on campus, chapters across the country on 47 campuses.. 10 week program to teach fiscal responsibility to students. Something that needs to be shown here. You have to start showing fiscal responsibility. I’m ashamed of this Board. Your actions tonight are despicable.  We’re going to pass this information around the country. We will show that what you have done here. Your actions are deplorable. I hope you can change your ways. I believe you can. You can all make a change tonight and reconvene and change the actions against Ms. Hamilton. You’re out to destroy her. I think all of you who have acted in this manner are going to lose your elections.

*Adam Andrezejwski. Founder of For the Good of Illinois. I am proud you have adopted one of my suggestions from last Board meeting — two year freeze on tuition.  Good start.  2.4 million dollars — your administrastors are gaming the system for that money.  You have spent 550 million on building. more building office space for executives than on classrooms for students.  Rather than embrace reform you are unlawfully persecuting the reformer. You have no legal authority for censoring.  You are violating more laws. Public comment restrictions are also illegal.  Your spent enormous amounts of money on legal fees.  Chair Birt has approved millions of dollars of expenditures without line by line. Show the impress payments in the next meeting. 30 million dollars since Birt has been Chairman. Are Board members surprised about the use of Bruder’s satellite phones? (form his safari, to let friends know about his killing an elephant.

*Jan Shaxx —  We don’t need a new building. What about that theater? Is that built for the students or for the public?

*Randy Given– Glen Ellyn. a local attorney, but not representing anybody tonight. I am not angry but I am amused. You actually censored somebody because she embarrassed you? I can’t believe I’m seeing what I am seeing. You’ve become objects of ridicule tonight. In a meeting of over 4 hours you have mainly dealt with your bruised egos.  You need to devote your time to serious issues. I did not hear anybody around the table talking about the students tonight except for the discussion of tuition.

*Paula Dullie — Naperville.  I am here to support the concerns of Trustee Hamilton.  She was doing her job asking questions.  Notes that Gov Quinn and the Chicago Tribune have noted concern over this plan.  Hamilton’s due diligence about this expenditure has been answered with a censure of Hamilton for raising them.

*Cynthia Schneider. Naperville. Lifelong resident of DuPage and former COD student. Thanks for lowering tuition fees. Tonight I want to address the issue of Kathy being censured. I voted for her and I feel that your censureship of her is a censureship of me. She represents the ability to keep the Board accountable for the way that they are spending our tax dollars. Her position has been vilified by this Board unjustly and I am completely disturbed and lby this Boards decision to censure her. She is not a COD employee, she is an employee of the taxpayer. Thank you for making us aware of what is happening in this Board. That is your right and your job, please keep doing it.

*Diane Barrett — I find it hypocritical that almost everything described in this censure is something the President of this college has done. This censureship tonight mean nothing. How much did this resolution cost to write up? I will be FOIA in this resolution to see how much money you have wasted. I was also censured when I was on the high school board — but what was different is that when I was censured it was provided on the agenda. Legal action, land acquisition and personnel are the only things that can be used for closed meetings legally, and this was none of them. I was also on the finance committee and I was also taken off of it. I see you are the most qualified to work on the finance committee but you have been removed.

*Jeff Cooper. Thanks for letting us speak at the end of the meeting. It’s unconscienable that we all had to wait for you 20 minutes to start your meeting.  I was going to talk about the censure but since it’s already happened I am going to talk about the e-mail.  That July meeting was my first Board meeting. I saw a President who had his eyes closed, yawned, seemed asleep.

The more I learned about Dr. Brueder the more I realized he should not be anywhere near this public money. Nor should many members of this Board.

*Edward Franckowiak. 35 year resident of DuPAge County. Three of my boys got degrees here and went on to get four-year degrees at Northern Illinois.  I was intrigued by the reports I read about the 20 million money grab. So I went to the website and looked up Board members addresses and phones. I went and found some e-mails from the election e-mails but I have never gotten any answers from any of them.  I couldn’t find anywhere where FOIA requests are discussed.  I would like to understand — who is making the decision about FOIA requests? Who votes on whether FOIA requests are answered? Somebody get back to me on how FOIA requests are handled by this Board?

* David Olson. Resides in Downers Grove. Elected on Village Council of Downer’s Grove. I also served as Student Body President at UIUC Student Council. I understand your concerns about balancing the various concerns…I have genuine concern about this excellent DuPage institution. I expect this College to provide a good education at an affordable price. Recent information in the media makes me wonder if this Board shares these goals.

I was disturbed when I looked at the Board agenda today and couldn’t see who was going to be censured. Your action is despicable.

Hamilton is exercising her fiduciary responsibility. Do we want to send the message to students to be quiet?  This action is an affront to the people of DuPage County. Tonight you are hearing a call for change, transparency, a call for basic respect.

*Attorney Dan Kinsella — says he will say no more in this forum and will let “these good people” all go home.

Closed session is called by COD lawyer for two reasons — action against an employee, and regarding litigation filed against the college.

Vote on closed session.

Meeting goes into closed session.