BoT Meeting Post 4

Secretary O’Donnell calls roll.

Trustee moves to consent agenda.

Item 9B2.  removed from agenda. Request by Trustee Hamilton.

Moved to approve consent agenda items minus that one.

O’Donnell reads consent agenda items.

Minutes of July meetings, financial reports. Bid items are read by Trustee O’Donnell.

There is a long list of items that are related to the construction of the Homeland Training Security Training Center 2.  Please refer to the Board packet for a list of these items and their cost.

The Consent Agenda is read and voted on.

Unanimous approval of the Consent Agenda with the exception of 9B2.

Discussion of 9B2.

Expense report. Hamilton questions the disbursements from the Impress checks section and wants more information on that for the next month. Trustee Svoboda asks why you would want more detail than what is presented in a summary?

Laughter from the audience.

Trustee Hamilton responds that the summary does not offer the entire picture. We need a good picture of where our money is going.  There is a 3 million dollar amount she would like more details about.

Chair Birt says “Trustee Hamilton you can bring a lot of good things to this Board but I wish you would have brought this up at the Agenda Planning Session.”

Motion to discuss this further at the next meeting approved.

*New Business:

Trustee McGuire and Trustee Wozniak — retreat for 2015.

Birt and O’Donnell will form the audit committee.

Trustee Hamilton asks the public to note that she is the only CPA on the Board and she is now being removed from that committee.

*Birt calls for approval for the motion of Censure of Board Trustee.

seconded by Wozniak.

Birt says she will read the resolution.

Birt reads:

Censuring Trustee Kathy Hamilton. “SEction 1, Censure.” Censures Hamilton for her innappropriate conduct. Asks her to cease her embarrassing actions.

Findings on inappropriate behavior: Hamilton serves as Vice-Chair of BoT. On numerous occasions Hamilton has embarrassed her colleagues on the Bot. Hamilton makes inflammatory remarks to the public and to other Trustees.

The resolution criticizes Hamilton’s outreach to media.

Board finds that on June 26 and July ___ Trustee Hamilton behaved in inappropriate ways during the Board meeting, including texting during meetings. Publicly insulted other Board members.

Willingly failed to follow Board policy by failing to review a Board agenda.

Trustee Hamilton’s actions threaten College of DuPage.

The College does not agree with Hamilton’s statements about the Teaching and Learning Center.  Hamilton does not have the right to misstate the Board and College’s actions.

Birt discusses the history of COD’s release of the RAMP money — state capital funding — 5 million for the demolition of the old buildings.  The TLC will be the replacement of those buildings.

The College has no wrongdoing with any of the state funding to demolish the old building.

Birt says that Trustee Hamilton did approve the appropriation of the 30 million for the fund balance transfer for the TLC facility. Birt says that in the past Hamilton did support without hesitation the new building.

Birt says that Hamilton approved three previous agendas with items regarding the TLC building without any questioning prior to June 26. She never shared her disapproval of the College’s attempt to secure funding.

Birt says she has signed off on Board agendas about which she does not have knowledge.

The Board finds that the College has behaved correctly/appropriately in its attempt to secure funds for the new facility.

BoT fully recognizes the right of all citizens to freedom of speech….

(loud laughter from the public, hard to hear what Birt continues to read)

Now we will open this up to public discussion.

Trustee Hamilton notes that she was not provided this document 48 hours in advance.

Attorney Kinsella interrupts to say that he represents Trustee Hamilton and the BoT must follow due process which it hasn’t.

Shouts form the audience, applause.

Audience calls “Shame on you. Shame on you.”   Calls from the audience. “WE need new trustees in audience next election.”

The Board calls for a five minute recess.

All Board minutes leave except Wozniak.  He does get up and leaves.