BoT Post 5

Student — Dr. Brueder is a disgrace. (He addresses Dr. Brueder directly — he calls him a coward and asks him to speak to him directly) Do you care? Do you have any guilt? Do you? You sit there quiet all night? Do you enjoy this?

(Birt interrupts him to say that this is not adding new information for the BoT to consider and asks him leave the podium)

I don’t think the building deserves to be named after Robert Brueder.

The police remove the student from the podium.

MY late wife was an employee here. My son was on the soccer team. I have connection to this college. I disagree with the severance pay. Was this part of the original agreement? I doubt it. Dr. Brueder did the same thing at Harper, though at Harper he only got 500,000. He seems to have improved his technique.  I hope that since COD has such significant discretionary funds it can reduce the hourly rate for students which has been going up. BoT take the high road and rescind this package.

Andrew Elm. Americans for Prosperity, Resident. I represent 1000s of other DuPage citizens. Who would have imagined these comments that have been made in the press about a suburban community college? The largest severance package in state history, and done in secrecy. COD is one of the largest taxing bodies in some of the counties with some of the highest property taxes in the nation. This BoT has an incredible fiduciary responsibility People are upset, angry, and are after you. Rumors that COD 762,000 of money that COD is supposed to get from the State should be taken form that amount. and they have broken it with this 762,000 package. This BoT has reduced public confidence in government bodies. I ask you to do the fiscally responsible thing and take a stand against this massive payout.

Representative Ives. Greetings from Springfield. You don’t understand the reputation damage you have done to this college and what is being said in Springfield. I cannot argue for COD in Springfield anymore because of what you have done to COD’s reputation. IT is up to elected officials to do the right thing, regardless of legislation. Contract meetings in the open — that’s the right thing. (Speaks of legislation she has introduced in Springfield) Have you not learned anything from the METRA scandal when they gave a buyout to Alex Clifford??? last year — the METRA head

Peter Cooper. Resident. Congratulations. You have unified Republicans and Democrats in opposition to your actions. I want to speak to you Trustees. I know how difficult your position is as an elected official. You’ve come to this meeting having taken a position you know is wrong so you must think how can I go back on this position, because now you realize the people who have elected you  want you to do something else. Step back and be embarrassed if need be, but do what you constituents want you to do. Do this the right way — give appropriate notice and time to the public and see what they want.

Peter Breen — State Representative. COD is a savior for its students in these difficult times. (Talks about the various issues that have come up about COD lately – like satellite phones, hunt clubs, etc) These things look like extravagances to us in Springfield. I also see you are using taxpayer funds to conduct a public relations fund — public money being used by the College to attack the people who are here today. This severance package is unprecedented in a community college. This BoT has violated people’s trust. You censured Kathy Hamilton when she should have been given an award. The people of your County are against you BOT, so you need to change your position. Listen to them.

Robert Boak. From a rural community about 200 miles south. I am not used to crowds, talking in front of people, or cities. But I have been reading articles, and for the last hours listening to people who I think are telling the truth. Do the right thing. Say no.

David Goldberg. Faculty in Political Science. I noticed that the faculty have been conspicuously absent in all the platitudes heaped upon the President.  Faculty is the only constituent that generate revenue. Administrators spend a lot of money. Today the BoT is here to vote on the 4th Amendment. The 1st Amendment was signed by MacKinnon and Carlin. (describes some details of the previous contract amendments) The process that brought this President here was shrouded in secrecy. Tonight you can rectify that. At least strike the clause that allows this President to help name his successor. Strike that clause.

Claire Ball. Candidate for the BoT. Community College was my first try at learning, and is close to my heart.  I am here to hear the rendition of “we make the rules, you pay the bills.” By Dr. rueder and the BoT. The lengths the BoT has gone for this show have been outstanding. Months of secret. Not reading the details before the vote. Calling the question before Kathy Hamilton could finish her comments.  The Bot has done a masterful job at lack of transparency. IT may seem a little over the top but let’s see if you burn down the house tonight.

Patricia ????  Thanks the lawyers from the Watchdog groups that had the lawsuit today. I’m a nursing graduate. Dr. Brueder you have scarred the reputation of this college. Kathy Hamilton, thank you. You have done the right thing.

Chair Birt takes a motion to take a break.

Voice vote — brief break.