CODAA Forum Post 7

Wozniak: Work for the best at COD. I would work to stabilize. We need to find a highly qualified person who follows the Bot and does not have a record of buyouts and votes of no confidence. We should appoint a female president. It would be the first for COD’s history.

Mazzochi: Fundamentally the Board needs real oversight. I am qualified. In my private sector work I’ve investigated large companies with complex bureaucracies. We need to return the Bot focus to providing quality education. In a way that allows the public to trust that the BoT is working towards the public interest. It’s time for a change on the Board. My first run for office. What’s going on here disturbed me so much I decided to do something about it. I’m tired of organizations that do not protect the people they are supposed to. Bi-partisan support exists for the type of change I will bring. I’ve been endorsed by faculty union, Tea Party, and Kathy Hamilton.

Carlin: Did I mention I haven’t been on the BoT for the last two years? I’m glad I haven’t been. I ran in 2013 and ran up short — came in 3rd. I had an empty feeling in my stomach when I read the articles because of where this Board has gone. The actions of individual trustees have caused it to go in that direction. I hope to get back on the Board and work for the good of this community. I ask the average voter to take the time to understand the issues. Don’t let politics harm this issue.

Svoboda: I am a trustee now, there is a value in retaining trustees. Building relationships, refining skills — it takes time and goes beyond one term. There has been a revolving door of trustees. This has last to problem. Experience such as mine is important. My accumulated knowledge is a solid foundation upon which to build. I have a history with COD because I worked her. I honor COD’s history of excellence. I added a section on the agenda for student comments. Because I have a history that dates back to 1972 I am now on the 50 year anniversary steering committee. I am an asset to COD and I would like to continue to serve.

Bernstein: We’ve heard that enrollment is steady and the college is in financial good shape.  (He says that there is a lot of hemorrhaging because of lack of oversight — for example a person approving his own invoices at the radio station, the losses of the Waterleaf restaurant.) We don’t know the underlying documentation behind the losses because Breuder will not tell us. Where else in the college    35 million institutional and administrative expenses — first time in history that the faculty has had a VNC in the President– you can say that COD is in a bad position and we need real reformers to turn it around.

Pihos: Our greatest resource are the people who live in DuPAge County and we need to give the taxpayer a full accounting. I am qualified to serve because as as state representative I spoke for important committees and appropriations including elementary education. I passed several laws on transparency. I served on DuPage County Workforce Development Board, Legislative Audit commissions which is what we need now. I had to learn to scrutinize budgets to find smoke and mirror budgets. I worked through a strike, worked with the teachers unions, AFSCME. This would give me the chance to hone my leadership skills. I have experience in areas where the college needs investment. I have experience with COD and know deeply the issues that the college faces.

Gambs: I would first like to thank you as a first time candidate. Today has been incredibly useful as a stakeholder and a candidate. I am a trustee right now at my Alma Mater. I have walked into dysfunctional situations and turned something around. I have spent this last month with all these candidates and all candidates are very passionate about COD. I will listen to all sides. I have learned how to pour cold water warmly and also to listen quietly when somebody yells at me because he disagrees. I know how to deal with these situations.

Savage: We have a great college. IT’s a place where we educate our neighbors and friends. It’s where our neighbors and friends work and educate because they care. We must not be distracted from our mission. Running around and making a lot of noise doesn’t fix the problem, you need to get in there, find out what the problems are. I am committed to keeping the cost of the college low. We are not the same college we were 30 years ago — we have the second largest enrollment in Illinois, and are the fastest growing cc outside of California. Our community supports the college. I am proud of my role here.

Bailey: We’ve already spent too much time and anxiety on what doesn’t work at COD. My pledge is to be a vigorous watchdog and a relentless bulldog to challenge anything that doesn’t serve students and their teachers. Independent legal investigation of the secret contract extensions and their relationship. Serious investigation of the WDCB radio station.

4th strategies to determine future — do we want more vp’s? dorms? convention center? unfinished construction projects?

I will be the watchdog for transparency.

Ball: Thank you CODAA. Accountants are tasked with the duty of explaining the why of everything we do. I have a thorough skill set, objectivity, thoroughness. I am not an experienced public speaker but I am a person of integrity in a profession that holds high ethical standards.   As a libertarian I am not influenced by the initials behind anybody’s name. I will help wrest COD out of the grip of insiders.

Napolitano: There are many great things that happen at COD. We need to elect people who can help get a transparent process where all stakeholders communicate better. I’ve served on Board before and accomplished those things. We need to hear from faculty and staff and the public when they come to BoT meetings to speak. The President serves at the pleasure of the Board, and the Board at the pleasure of the people, and we seem to have forgotten that recently.

Kempa: I want to represent the taxpayer and the students. There is a shortage of representation on the BoT at this time. I am independent. Not beholden to any party any politician. I’m not a johnny come lately. I attend Board meetings. I’ve been doing my homework. I believe in term limits. I’m here to do a job for 6 years and get it done. I don’t ant to be here forever.

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