CODFA Pres Goldberg Comments to the BOT | March 17, 2022

Good evening,

I would like to begin by thanking Board Chair Dunne and President Caputo for their efforts to chart a sound fiscal path for the College of DuPage: modest tuition increases and collecting the appropriate tax levy. These are not easy decisions taken lightly. The uncertain current economic environment makes them all the more challenging and necessary. Lifting the hiring suspension contributes to a climate of stability for faculty and all employees and is appreciated.

We recognize the Board takes its role seriously and value the discussions around these issues. I would also like to thank the efforts of CFO Scott Brady. Scott visited shared governance this month to provide some context and will be visiting faculty senate next month to do the same. His willingness to clarify often opaque financial matters with patience and good humor is valued.

I am eager to see a growing turnout of faculty and students sharing their thoughts on a wide range of issues this evening.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to serve on a panel with professors Ben Whisenhunt from History and Joel Quam from Geography on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was exciting and invigorating to address a group of students, colleagues, and community members on issues of timely significance that animates much of our teaching. Thank you to Joan Dipiero for making that even possible. It’s always a pleasure to work with Joan as she highlights the best of COD faculty.

Together we can drive the snakes out of Ireland. Thank you.