Alternative Credit

J. Moran, Chair

Division Faculty Member Term Expiration (June)
Arts, Communication & Hospitality N. Carey 2018
Arts, Communication & Hospitality D. Kramer 2020
Biology & Health Sciences J. Gibbs 2020
Biology & Health Sciences B. Kirkpatrick 2020
Business & Technology J. Moran 2019
Business & Technology J. Murtaugh 2020
Liberal Arts R. Hazard 2018
Liberal Arts B. Whisenhunt 2020
Math & Natural Sciences R. Nikolava Genov 2020
Math & Natural Sciences J. DalSanto 2020
Social/Behavioral Sciences & the Library C. Monnier 2018
Social/Behavioral Sciences & the Library D. Blewett 2019
Counseling R. Carbajal Romo 2020

Information on Alternative Credit

The Committee is comprised of 13 members (2 for each Academic Division and 1 for Counseling). The Committee meets once during the Fall and Spring Terms each Academic year. Appointments are for a Three Year Term, beginning June.

Alternative Credit application forms are available in your division office or through the COD Portal under FORMS. Refer to the Faculty Contract (Section J 1 Staff Development – Alternative Credit). Alternative credit is a process by which contact hours of scholarly activity may be earned and used for Range Changes. (40 contact hours = 1 semester hour of credit).

Alternative credits can be granted to full-time Faculty members who have participated in professional development/scholarly activities pertinent to their teaching. Such activities include presentations at conference, publishing, research, conference and workshop attendance, public art exhibitions, outside work experiences, etc.

Prior to the start of any outside work or scholarly activity, you will need to obtain approval of the project or work from your Administrative Dean or Associate Dean and state your intent to potentially use the activity for Alternative Credit. The Administrator does not approve or deny your alternative credit application; this review is done by the Committee. The application form is signed by your Administrator to confirm that the College did not pay you or reassign you to perform the activity.

For more information, contact your Committee representative or your Senator.