Karin Evans, Chair

Division Faculty Member Term Expiration
Health & Sciences D. Gallyot 2016
Health & Sciences J. Vatchev 2016
Liberal Arts K. Evans 2017
Liberal Arts B. Hazard 2017
BTEC B. Sward 2017
BTEC K. Talenco 2017
HSBS L. McGregor 2017
CODFA President G. Hansen Standing Member
CODFA Webmaster C. Koteles Standing Member
CODFA Secretary D. Cote Standing Member

Committee Charge

Facilitates communication for the Faculty Senate and the Association both internally and externally. The committee will assist the President and Vice President in communicating Senate/Association positions, concerns, and Faculty achievements. All communications must be approved by the President.

  1. Works closely with the President, Vice President and Secretary to maintain continuity of Senate public information and documents.
  2. Develops public relation strategies utilizing internal and external (IEA/NEA) resources.
  3. Develops and maintains contacts with the press for conveying information through press releases.
  4. The intended audiences shall include, when appropriate, the college community: Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Classified Staff, Students, Administration, district residents.
  5. Develops and maintains a variety of communication methods such as email, web based strategies, newsletters, key communicators.
  6. Works with other Senate Committees to coordinate communication among the Association.
  7. Two year rotating terms.
  8. At least five Faculty members and is not restricted to a fixed size for this committee
  9. Association Secretary, Webmaster, and Faculty Advocate Newsletter Editor are members of committee.