Degree Requirements

L. Randa, Chair

Division Faculty Member Term Expiration
ACH (Speech) Jude Geiger 2020
BTEC (Business)  Jane Murtaugh 2020
BTEC (CIT)  Tony Chen 2020
Counseling Carla Johnson 2023
Health Sciences Shelli Thacker 2020
Liberal Arts (English) Brian Brems 2023
Liberal Arts (English) Jillian Grauman 2023
Library Dan Blewett 2023
STEM (Biology) Lynda Randa 2020
STEM (Earth Sciences) Paul Sirvatka 2020
SBS (Geography) Joel Quam 2020
SBS (Criminal Justice) Theo Darden 2020

Three-year appointments, beginning January

Meeting Information
The committee meets at least once each in Fall and Spring semesters, and more frequently as needed. Members are updated via e-mail. The committee reports to the Faculty Senate. A meeting liaisonship is maintained with the Instruction Committee.

Committee Purpose
The purpose of the Degree Requirements Committee is to set course and grade requirements for all degrees granted by College of DuPage, including Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering Science, Associate in Fine Arts-Art, Associate in Fine Arts-Music, Associate in Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics, Associate in Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education, and Associate in General Studies. The DRC recommends changes that go to the Faculty Senate for approval, or to faculty-wide vote, and then to the administration for implementation. In addition, the DRC sets policy for the granting of college certificates. The DRC follows curriculum guidelines as set by the Illinois Community College Board and other state regulatory agencies and professional certification boards.