Faculty Court of Appeals

Rotating Chair

Division Faculty Member Term Expiration
Counseling Margery Walters 2017
Health, Social & Behavioral Diana Strode 2017
Health, Social & Behavioral Eva Maria Raepple 2017
Liberal Arts Joel Quam 2017
Library Dan Blewett 2017

Committee Charge

From the CODFA By-laws:


  • FUNCTION. Render decisions interpreting these Bylaws and the Special Rules to protect constituent rights under both. Court decisions should be based strictly on interpretations of the Bylaws and the Special rules, rather than on the merits or faults of the case at hand. In cases of discrepancies between the Bylaws and the Special Rules, the Bylaws take precedence.
  • COMPOSITION. The Court of Appeals will consist of six full share faculty members who will serve staggered three-year terms, with two new members each Senate year.
  • APPEALS. An appeal may be made by any faculty member in writing directly to a member of the court. Decisions of the Court are final.