Tim Henningsen, Chair

Meetings: Two Wednesdays per month from 2:30-4:30
Terms: Three year appointments beginning in January

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Division Faculty Member Term Expiration (Dec.)
ACH J. Ostergaard 2018
ACH C. Miller 2020
ACH T.Venezia 2018
BHS J. Carino 2020
BHS J. Alvin 2020
BHS E. Green 2019
BTEC M. Rojas-Carlson 2020
BTEC J. Partacz 2020
BTEC J. Janich 2019
Counseling M. Walters 2019
LA S. Mitrani 2019
LA B. Hazard 2018
LA T. Henningsen 2018
Library J. Kelley 2020
MNS J. Adduci 2020
MNS L. Haque 2018
MNS D. Smith 2020
SBS A. Polites 2020
SBS J. Trytek 2019
SBS C. Monnier 2019

Liasons to the Instruction Committee

Committee Represented Faculty Member
ACH Curriculum M. Leone
BHS Curriculum T. Ciez
BTECH Curriculum M. McBeth
College Curriculum A. Polites
Degree Requirements L. Randa
Demonstrated Competency VACANT
Liberal Arts Curriculum M. Anderson
Honors Program L. Higgins