Welfare Note: Check Your Pay and Leave Information

Since the College now uses myACCESS for posting our pay and leave information, you may not be as diligent in checking it for accuracy. Please check each of your pay advices to make sure that you are being paid the correct amount, and that the number of sick days is correct. Note that there is a gap between the time that you use the leave and its posting to MyAccess.

To find pay and leave information:

  1. Login to myACCESS
  2. Click on myACCESS for Employees
  3. Click on Pay Advices to see individual pay stubs
  4. Click on My Stipends to see total load information
  5. Click on Leave Plan Summary to see sick time, vacation (if applicable) and personal leave information

For more information about faculty pay and leaves, consult sections, F1 Faculty Remuneration Schedule and I 2 Leaves: Health in the CBA between the Board and the Association. If you have any questions or concerns about your pay advices please do not hesitate to contact a member of Welfare.

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