Welfare Note: Know Your Rights

This note is the first in a series of “Welfare Notes” that have been created by the Welfare Committee and/or Grievance Subcommittee. They are intended to insure that all members of the Faculty Association are educated, informed, and updated about their rights as contained within the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), as well as to bring up Grievance Subcommittee concerns. If you have topics related to the CBA that you would like to suggest be addressed in a future “Welfare Notes”, please feel free to mention it to a Welfare Committee member, or any member of the Grievance Sub-Committee.

First and foremost, read and understand the Grievance Procedure as outlined in the current CBA. If you have any questions, contact the Grievance Subcommittee Chair or the Welfare Committee Chair immediately. Though not specifically at College of DuPage, many grievances are lost because of missed deadlines or a failure to act in a timely manner. The process and deadlines at College of DuPage are described in our CBA, Section E 1, Grievance Procedure.

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