Welfare Note: Teaching Load Calculation

Calculating your load can be a complicated and intimidating process. However, it is good practice to frequently check the math in order to ensure that your load is correct. Below are some frequently asked questions about load calculation?

  1. Faculty Work Load Reports (FWLR) are submitted each term to Human Resources by your administrators. Ask your Associate Dean for a copy of your FWLR to see how your base load is being calculated.
  2. Check online for my load information.
    1. Login to myACCESS
    2. Click on myACCESS for Faculty
    3. Click on My Stipends to view any overload assignments that you have earned at the College of DuPage. Information about your base load is not available in myACCESS.
    4. Contact HR if you have questions about your assignment as shown in myACCESS.
  3. I am receiving reassigned time for my position with the C.O.D. Faculty Association. How does that affect my load calculation?
    Any C.O.D. Faculty Association reassigned time must be part of the base load calculations (See CBA A 4.5)

As always, first, read the section D 7. Workload of Faculty Members in the CBA. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Welfare Committee.

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