Dec 18th BoT Post #7

Ira Aquino, Student Leadership Council

Sophomore at COD.

I took my last exam today.  I’d like to relate some of the things I have been able to accomplish his semester.

In September I organized the Hunger Banquet to give students at COD an experience of what hunger is like in the world..

Represented the College at three conferences this semester.

Rachel ???

Sophomore at COD. Talks about her experiences at COD. Talks about her reasons for coming to COD. IT was at first because it was affordable. But she has realized how incredible the faculty here are. She will be traveling to South America this summer. She thanks faculty members Eric Thompson, John Santiago and David Goldberg for their extra help to inspire her.

Happy Birthday to Student Trustee Escamilla.

Stephanie Torres — Student Leadership Council.

Reports on activities that SLC has been engaged in as well as plans for next semester. She discusses activities that will help students get involved in campus life.

Haroun Atcha

Good evening board members thank you for having me. My name is Haroon Atcha and tonight, for the final time, I’m here as an advocate for the students. As I enter my final semester at the college I find myself reflecting on my time here. My mind wanders to the multitude of experiences that have served to mold me and I find myself lost in fond recollection as I pass certain rooms: here a relationship formed, there a lesson learned. These walls, seemingly cold and foreboding on my arrival, now glow with the warmth of attachment. this warmth however dissipates upon entering this room. In this room I have found none of those qualities which elevate this college to the highest tier of institution. Moderation, healthy skepticism, political will and student representation have been replaced by hyperbole, pettiness, gridlock and most fatally, silence. These past many months have done more to instill in me a sense of pessimism than I am willing to admit but frankly, I don’t know what other outcome could have occurred given recent experience. Ultimately this pessimism has not manifested itself as anger, but disappointment; disappointment with all parties involved. Because it was not anger that I felt when a trustee invoked memories of the holocaust to justify political behavior or community members rabidly shouted at administrators with no regard for decency. It was not anger when the college newspaper failed to inform the students in any substantive way on the goings on of these meetings. It was not anger when month after month those elected to represent the students sat by in apathetic silence or even when the students themselves took little interest in these meetings. It was crushing disappointment. Crushing, not because of the actions themselves, but because of the loss of potential they represent. It is the potential of the college newspaper, student representation, public influence and board of trustees that has been seemingly squandered. So before I leave let me offer a few final words to each of those institutions. to the Courier newspaper: Research claims made by those in positions of power and challenge authority. The truth will stand to scrutiny.To the student representatives: Silence squanders your mandate.  Your recent stories regarding the honors program and police boxes have started you on the right path, continue that good work. To the student representatives: silence betrays your mandate. You have each been elected by an astoundingly wide margin by the students; with that comes the responsibility of action. Advocate on behalf of those who remain voiceless at these meetings; vigorously take up the cause of the students because anything shy of that is negligence. To members of the public: I urge you to consider restraint in your mannerisms. Antagonism only suffices for so long; put aside needlessly inflammatory Behavior. Finally, to the board: behave with the dignity befitting your position. I am confident that men and women of your stature can find it in themselves to behave cordially for, at the very least, three hours once a month. Put aside your petty grievances, exaggerated speeches and farcical behavior and manage this institution with the grace and level-headedness it deserves. As my suggestions these past few months gone unheeded, allow me to end by sharing a few




words by rousseau: words I hope resonate more than my actions ever could: To everyone here tonight: “Let equity, moderation and firmness of resolution regulate all your proceedings”.

Miguel Moreno

Personal comment form the student perspective.

He thanks Brueder for leading the institution. He laments the negativity that has surrounded the college lately.

End of public comments.

Announcement section.

Trustee Svoboda — reports on the SURS back-to-work correction bill.  The bill that made exempt people whose pension is under 10,000. Svoboda describes the potential impact of the bill.

McGuire — Discusses the COD Foundation activities.

Savage: I have been asked to help the treasurer elect transition team.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.


Meeting is adjourned.