Curriculum Committees

College Curriculum Committee

Member Role Term starts Term ends
Awuah, Emmanuel Chair No expiration
Adams, Jason H & S-Health & Biological Sciences 9/2016 5/2018
Aranki, Joe BTEC-Career & Technical Education 9/2016 5/2018
Barrett, Amelia LART-Fine & Applied Arts 9/2015 5/2017
Boone, Charles LART-Administrator 9/2016 5/2018
Chen, Tony BTEC-Technology 9/2015 5/2017
Ficht, David H & S-Math & Physical Sciences 9/2015 5/2017
Finan, Kathleen H & S-Health & Biological Sciences 9/2015 5/2017
Geiger, Jude LART-Communications 9/2016 5/2018
Harney, Jocelyn Counseling 9/2016 5/2018
Hunnicutt, Marianne H & S-Administrator 9/2015 5/2017
Kronenburger, John BTEC-Administrator 9/2016 5/2018
Moran, Brian LART-Humanities 9/2016 5/2018
Orenic, Ken Learning Resources Faculty 9/2016 5/2018
Polites, Andrea H & S-Social & Behavioral Sciences/PE 9/2015 5/2017
Shanahan, Matt Faculty Senate Rep 9/2016 5/2017
Toler, Shannon BTEC-Business 9/2016 5/2018
Murtaugh, Jane BTEC-Business-Interim-proxy for S. Toler Spring 2017 term only 1/2017 5/2017
Schillinger, Will Student Representative 9/2016 to 5/2017
Willig, Betty Curriculum Manager No expiration

Divisional Curriculum Committees (DCC) 2015-2017

Liberal Arts DCC
Mary Anderson, Chair   English/ESL
Brian Blevins  Fine/Applied Arts
Connie Canaday-Howard Fine/Applied Arts
Robert Dixon-Kolar  English/ESL
Lisa Higgins  English/ESL
Marina Kuchinski Fine/Applied Arts
Michelle Moore English/ESL
Mia Poston  Humanities/Speech
Kent Richter Humanities/Speech
Casey Slott   Humanities/Speech
Larry Ward   Fine/Applied Arts
Les Wolf Humanities/Speech

Business & Technology DCC
Maureen McBeth, Chair. Accounting
Jane Murtaugh Business
Jane Kielb Interior Design
Robert Nichols Computer Information Systems
DiJang Liu Computer Information Systems
Tom Robertson Automotive Technology
Sharon Scalise Fashion Studies
Mary Beth Leone Hospitality/Travel & Tourism
Tony Chen Computer Internetworking Technology

Health, Social, and Behavioral DCC
Terrie Ciez, Chair Allied Health
Barb Czahor Nursing
Julie Trytek Human Services
Eric Hauenstein Math
Mary Newberg Chemistry
Tom Ruehlmann Biology
Dana Thompson Counseling
Eric Thompson Criminal Justice
Jean Zaar Early Childhood Education
Tim Caldwell Fire Science
Gail Tait Physical Education
Sarah Born Nursing
Nina Minnear Physical Therapy Assistant
Katie Taylor Nursing