March 19 BOT Meeting Post 2

7:46 The meeting is back in session.

Secretary O Donnell calls roll.

All trustees are present.

Agenda-related public comments.

Laura Reigle. In the Tribune on January 28, 2015, the Trib editorial said that 6 members of the COD Bot have failed the students parents and taxpayers who relied on them. Regarding finances.  Tonight you are approving (on the agenda) a contract with the PR film Res Publica. That contract is for public relations when the college already has Joseph Moore, at 171,000 a year salary, to be the COD public relations person. IT is not necessary if we are going to still employ Mr Moore to have a 250.00 an hour public relations film. That could be 500,000. a year,.  This is a potential conflict of interest  — the P.R. films you are looking at is on the USBank Board — the same Board that Breuder sits on.  This is a blank check to a p.r. film that is going through our attorney sitting next to the chair tonight. Do you realize there are no caps in this contract. And considering it was signed by the attorney on March 5,one can assume that in good faith they have started working for the college.

Clayton Turner. I will yield my time to Trustee Hamilton to speak on this topic.

Trustee Hamilton steps up to speak.

Birt says that Hamilton as Trustee “claims” she is speaking to 93 and 3A

Unreality pervades at this meeting. No mention of Jeannie Ives, no mention of the  state auditor general, none of the state’s performance audit, or your blown deadline of last week. Nothing on the agenda of the Trib’s coverage of Brueder using the Waterleaf as his private bar.  Not the radio station, the arrest of John Valenta, failing to document businesses on campus for property taxes. No real detail — as with the golden handshake, you did the wrong thing the wrong way. So this week you said no to the state auditor general and no to the truth. And yes to spinners. And then you act like nothing has happened and all is well. All is not well. Scandal has overtaken you. Taxpayers at COD still do not count. Only insiders. And change cannot come soon enough.

Mark Misiorowski. Regarding businesses on campus have not paid their property taxes. Hiring a PR firm will not fix this. Hiring  a PR firm from Chicago will not address. Today the Daily Herald issues numerous examples of COD offering no-bid firms.  Herricane Graphics ==being hired for architect services. Questions are now arising htat the head of that company is not an architect.  The COD faculty has lost all faith and confidence in this institution’s president.  Hiring a PR firm from Chicago will not fix all that. So what is your true motive in hiring a PR firm from Chicago.