March 6, 2014 Meeting Start

Call to Order at 7:06

Glenn Hansen (President of College of DuPage Faculty Association)

Question 17 and 18

Good evening,

I’m Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and Faculty Senate.

I’m very pleased that you, the Board of Trustees, took my suggestions of longer meetings, more discussion on the record, and more meetings.

While I’ll reserve my comments about other issues for 2 weeks from tonight, I must ask what’s the secret? As elected officials, I assume you are not afraid of crowds. You love meeting people and hearing their input, that’s one of the reasons you were able to successfully campaign for this high paying position serving the public interest.

You met the letter of the law of the Open Meetings Act, but let’s try harder to meet the “Spirit of the Law”. Posting the announcement of tonight’s meeting on your web page Tuesday evening, only guarantees a light turnout. Because, who other than a few of us groupies, read your web page on a regular basis. Do you have a twitter account I could follow? After all, you can announce a meeting in less than 160 characters.

This is a meeting you have planned for a long time; you’ve spoken of a retreat to discuss the SLRP since last fall when you found out what your role was in planning. Not quite what you thought it was, was it? You could have announced this meeting 2 weeks ago.

I’m sure the For the Good of Illinois site would be disappointed in this definition of transparency, or maybe not. Transparency is about more than opening the checkbook and posting some employee’s salaries.

In the end you would be safe, I’m sure no one but me and a few friends would come to hear about Strategic Long Range Planning, sorry Jim, it’s not that mysterious and exciting. But, think about this. If you were more proactive in inviting the public to your meetings, you’d hear from me less.

Have a good meeting, I’m looking forward to the PowerPoints and I would like to receive copies.