Nov 20 Post 2


Intergovernmental Agreement — Tom Brady Associate Dean/Director Homeland Security Education Center introduces this agreement with DuPage County. In case of emergency the County could use our facility.  And likewise we could use the County facilities in case of an emergency that would require that.  He introduces Ed Joseph, Director DuPAge County OHSEM to talk about this agreement.

Joseph: What this intergovernmental agreement allows us to do is if there is an incident that renders any of our facilities unusable, it gives us the chance to tap into COD to use their facilities. And vice versa. It’s a perfect arrangement. Two governmental agencies helping each other out. It’s a perfect model of good government.

He lauds Dean Brady and how much he has learned from him over the years. He mentions he is on the Board of the Homeland Security Education Center. That he comes from private business. Thanks the Trustees and the President for all the partnerships. Notes that even in the private sector they relied on partnerships.

Trustee Svoboda thanks him for building partnerships and working together.

Naperville Center Update:

Jean Kartje introduces Emanuel Awuah to give the update on the regional centers.

He gives an update – first the history of the regional centers- 4 regional centers, 2 to the north of Main Campus and 2 to the south. The establishment of the centers is to ensure that e deliver our mission — accessible affordable and comprehensive education to the members of this community.  Addison Center was the first Center. Then Westmont and Naperville in 1991. Then Carol Stream. He discusses that the regional centers provide access to education and convenient and accesibility.

What is the impact of the regional centers? At the moment the regional centers provide 7% of our enrollment.  Now he introduces Andrea Liedtke — Manager of the Regional Centers and Adult Fast Track. Introduces the Center directors. She notes the centers all have things in common — classes, ESL, all centers have unique aspects as well.

Carol Stream Center now has a new Learning Commons, opened this past Monday.

Addison — Home of the Cosmetology Program. Students offer their services to the community on a walk-in basis for very reasonable prices. There is also a Truck Driving School.

Westmont Center — offers sequenced health profession courses.

Naperville Center. Closed in May for renovation. It is not yet completed. Will have a new student lounge. The Center will open on January 5th for student services. Classes will start on January 12th.

Trustee McGuire talks about how she and Kim Savage were surprised by the beautiful colorful renovations in progress.

Trustee Savage also notes how surprised she was when driving by it.

Ms. Liedtke notes that the footprint of the building was not changed even though they opened up two new classroom spaces.

Chair Birt calls for a short break before moving on to the Consent Agenda.