October 16, 2014 – Post 1

The roll is called, the agenda approved, and the new policy on public comments is read.

Public comments by citizens:

Paul Lefort. Veteran of many boards, has never seen one so dysfunctional. Mentioned that he had one of five seats allocated for citizens in the room. Shameful and undemocratic attempt to muzzle Trustee Hamilton. Five questions asked at least meeting remain unanswered including why Hamilton removed from audit committee. Called for forensic investigation in several areas including audit of effectiveness of recent construction spending. Referred to recent League of Women Voters comments about dysfunctional board and lack of transparency.

Ed Franckowiak. Referenced board policies to seek input from community. A third of the budget is hidden from the board and from taxpayers. Searched for our paper vendors, was only able to find two of the three with online presence.

Glenn Hansen, President of the Faculty Association and Senate. I would appreciate a correction of the minutes to reflect that our comments were about the meeting and our Vote of No Confidence. Thank you.

Andrea Alvarez, attorney with Citizen Advocacy Center, based in Elmhurst. Commented on the First Amendment rights of citizens to make political speech before a governing body. Current policy has a chilling effect on citizens because the guidelines are too broad in limiting the content of speech. Too much latitude is given for subjective judgment based on terms such as courtesy and respect. Also violates Open Meetings Act. Therefore these are not legal.

Student Trustees report. Omar Escamilla introduced two adult students who gave wonderful brief speeches about their career transitions and accomplishments based on continuing their education at COD.