Post 4 Nov 20

Report on ICCTA/ACCT Conference in Chicago.  Trustee Svoboda reports on the conference. Reports on discussions about the economic divide and what brings students to our colleges.  What can we do as colleges for equity action. involving faculty more prominently in advisory roles.  Having a bigger role in advising.  There is a difference here between advisors and counselors. Advisors help students get the right classes. Counselors do career counseling.

Presented with Brueder, Collins and Dowling on what we are doing at COD.

Savage talks about public policy sessions, discussions of pending legislation that would require students who have taken out loans to have financial counseling every year.

Higher Education Authorization Act

Discussed  the Presidents’ recent proposals on college ratings. Bill that the President signed to reform the Dept of Veterans Affairs. Certain veterans spouses and dependents would be offered in-state tuition.

She attended a panel on placement processes, examining and revising them. Discussions of the issues that remedial students have when they are placed in multiple remedial classes, the likelihood that they will not complete their course of study.

McGuire had to abridge my participation. Bylaws and Governance Committee. Change of title of Diversity Committee of the ACCT. Long discussion.  Picked up information about African-American male student being disproportionately at risk for failure in community colleges. The university of Chicago President offers a free ride for certain City College kids who have been successful at community colleges. It was a great meeting, thousands and thousands of Trustees were there.

Savage: Tom Brady Joe Collins and I participated at a panel on the Homeland Security Education Center program. It was positively received.

Svoboda: The U of C President was so inspirational. He pointed out that the community college movement had its start in Illinois with Joliet College.

Svoboda shows her materials that she brought back from the conference and offers to share them with anybody who is interested.

Savage talks about the keynote speaker who talks about generational differences in our students and workforce. Thee generations at present in our colleges — the millenial generation will continue to change things as they move into the workforce. We will have to adapt the workforce because workforces are changing.

This was a 20 minute conversation.

General Public Comments including those of COD employees will be made after the Closed Session.

Motion for a 5 minute break before Closed Session.

Break before Closed Session.

Blogging will resume after the Closed Session. Stay tuned!