President Jarman’s comments to the Board of Trustees | August 16, 2018

As we begin another new academic year here at College of DuPage, I would like to welcome all the new fulltime faculty members. By my count we have fourteen teaching faculty, two counselors, along with three temporary one-year appointments. Some have already worked at COD for many years, while others are brand new to the college, and some from far-flung locales. We wish them all well and look forward to working with them going forward. It is an exciting time to be working at COD. In all the right ways.

I also want to recognize another new addition, or should I say potential addition, as the appointment of Mark Curtis-Chavez is subject to your approval this evening (Item 8.k). Firstly, the merging of student and academic affairs under one cabinet position makes sense strategically. Secondly, speaking as one who served on the search committee, I believe that Dr. Curtis-Chavez will bring the right kind of experience from a background of large institutions not dissimilar to COD, and in the kinds of innovative projects highly relevant to our work here. I know that Jackie and I, along with the rest of CODFA leadership are committed to working with Mark to move the college along through challenging yet exciting initiatives such as Pathways. Proper alignment of services will be crucial for the success of this process.

I know that many of our members have yearned for stability at the pinnacle of academic affairs and, hopefully, this appointment will provide that stability and allow the remaining organizational pieces to fall into place. I would like to thank Kirk Overstreet for steering the academic ship these past few months.

So, in the fond hope that this is not premature, on behalf of the full-time faculty I would like to extend a welcome to Dr. Curtis-Chavez and we look forward to working with him in the months and years ahead.