Prof Jackie McGrath Comments to the BOT | April 27, 2023

When Trustee Dan Markwell was elected in 2017, COD was in crisis and the path to save our school was rocky and chaotic. It was a time period when I dreaded waking up and walking down my driveway to pick up my morning Chicago Tribune, wondering if our school would be on the front page once again. At the time, he told a reporter for the Naperville Sun, “My top priority as a trustee is working to make sure the Higher Learning Commission gives COD a full accreditation in November,” he said. “A lot goes into that — board policy, transparency issues need to be addressed.”

He fulfilled that priority and more. Along the way, he demonstrated that it is possible to be a calm, reasonable, diplomatic and highly informed trustee, even in the face of conflict and controversy. His honesty and commitment to solving problems persuaded even Tea Party skeptics to respect his voice, and his focus on students and public education values made a difference in so many crucial ways. I want to express how grateful I am for his work, and the time, care, common sense, and intelligence that went into it. We’re not done yet, but there is no question: Trustee Markwell helped save our school, and I will always be grateful for his time as a trustee. Thank you.