Sept 25, 2014 – post 2

New Student Orientation leadership testimonials from Kaitlyn Boneiecki and Paolo Mazza. Two leaders from the student orientation leader program reported on the success and growth of the new student orientation program and the training of leaders. There was a video played in the boardroom, but we did not have sound in the overflow room. It was pretty.

There was a short interlude apparently for technical troubleshooting. We were treated to a camera view of the board seating area, including the police officer standing next to the barrier preventing members of the audience from getting too close to the trustees.

The orientation video was replayed with sound. Really, it was very nicely done.

Kaitlyn returned to the mic and gave thanks to Bente and Dowling for their support of the program.

Trustee McGuire: this is beautiful to see, what a wonderful thing to have the personal touch of the orientation leaders.

Trustee Savage: applauds the development of this program. Cites research showing engaging students helps to keep them connected and successful.

Trustee Svoboda: thanks all the students in the hallway and at the back of the room. (Some trustees wave at the students.)

Chair Birt thanks the student trustee for coordinating student presentations.