Sept 25, 2014 – Post 4

The consent agenda was read, except for the item removed. (Please pardon your blogger for taking a break since all this is printed in the board packet.)

Trustee Svoboda comments that there are many expense outlays, but also many efforts to contain costs.

No further discussion. The consent agenda is unanimously approved.

Motion to approve financial reports. Open for discussion. Trustee Hamilton raises the issue of the impress account. She states that it would behoove the board and the community to have detail on those payments. Seeing the detail of payments to lawyers, auditors, and reimbursements to President Brueder for hunt club dues would reduce confusion. She references Board Policy 10-65 and suggests changing the policy to eliminate the exceptions. There is a harsh exchange in which Birt says that Hamilton has not been doing her duty to participate in making the agenda. Hamilton says that Birt has illegally dismissed her from participating. Savage and Svoboda attempt to return to the business at hand. The financial reports are approved unanimously.

New business:

Acceptance of audit. Hamilton reads a statement in which she explains why she will vote no. She wrote a letter expressing her concerns about the audit. Her concerns have never been addressed and she was removed from the audit committee. COD has squandered its credibility. There are several issues that each alone should be a red light. Hamilton says that the audit firm is very credible and she is not challenging its findings based on the scope that was established. However she does not believe the scope was correct, and she raised a concern about the “tone at the top.”

Trustee McGuire testifies to her care in combing through every board packet and raising questions about financial statements. We should pat ourselves on the back right now.

Trustee Hamilton asserts that the board of trustees should hold to a higher standard than the random sampling pool designed by the audit firm.

Brueder referenced a discussion he had with Torres, the auditor, about moving up the audit schedule and reducing preparation time 30 days. She explained that this was taken into account along with other risk factors. She saw no adjustments or issues as a result of the new timeframe. Brueder also asked her to speak to the comparisons to other local colleges – we are comparable.

The roll call is taken. All vote to accept the financial statements except for Hamilton.

Approval of Digital Broadcast Journalism degree approved unanimously.

Naming honor – given to Bison Gear & Engineering based on a significant scholarship gift in support of manufacturing and technology programs. Unanimous.

A break is called before a closed session.