Sept 25-26, 2014 – comments from students and community

The blogger who went home before it ended would like to thank the friend who stayed and took notes. The friend reports that at least 30 people stayed until the end of the meeting.

Laura Reigle. You have violated the Open Meetings Act. You read rules, yet you allowed some to violate the policy. You allowed a staff member to speak off-topic about a positive thing.

Paul Lefort. You should schedule public comments earlier. You should address the questions being raised. Are the facts about the impress account correct? Does the level of student demand support a new academic building? The public elected Trustee Hamilton because they wanted her financial expertise; she should be on the audit committee.

Jan Shaw. The last board meeting was the first I attended. In 2012, Waterleaf, the radio station, the MAC and the hotel lost over a million dollars. Why are these still being funded? Do students work in these programs? What is their educational value?

Roger Kempa. COD class of 1973. Public comments should be earlier. COD employees should sit somewhere else so that more people can be in the boardroom. Have the board meeting in a larger space, such as the MAC or the conference center. Supports Trustee Hamilton being on audit committee.

[Hansen and Jarman spoke next. Their comments are posted separately.]

Vikaas Shanker. Former editor of the Courier. Currently working in journalism, knows other former Courier staff who have gone on to journalism careers. Bring back real journalism to COD, it makes a difference.

Haroon Atcha, political science student, urges reforming Waterleaf. Referred to an email sent to COD employees offering rewards for referring potential new staff for Waterleaf. Students are here and the need jobs – hire students at Waterleaf.

James Rawdin. Did not speak.

Aira Aquino, student, thanked COD’s faculty for making a difference in her life.

Miguel Morris, student. Got into a conflict with one of the speakers at the last board meeting. Learned that sometimes conflict can be good, but we all need to be respectful.

Stephanie Torres, Student Leadership Council. Just attended Living Leadership Conference. Chastised public speakers for disrespect. Freedom of speech – with respect.


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