Times are changing – and so is this blog

This blog began in the fall of 2013. At that time, BOT meetings were not being videotaped at all. So not only was there no live-stream, there was no archive. And the minutes of BOT meetings were hopelessly obscure – they reflected little of what was really going on. CODFA’s Communications Committee decided to create a live-blog to help the faculty and other members of the community understand what was happening at the meetings.

For a long time, the blog was people’s only real window into the trustees’ meetings. Now, as you know, all that has changed. Board meetings are live-streamed and archived, readily available for downloading and viewing on demand, and quickly, too – the archived recording is often posted by the next day. Thanks are due to Kathy Hamilton for making this happen.

Even as Kathy and the Clean Slate took over the BOT majority, we felt we needed to keep up the blog. The unfolding events were momentous. Watching a video stream, even later at your convenience, is time-consuming; reading the blog would take only a few minutes. We wanted to keep our readers informed in the easiest possible way.

Now, finally, we have a new president, to go with a new functioning board majority – and the Breuder era is fading to its real end. Although more changes are surely coming, I believe that the all-meeting-every-meeting BOT blog is no longer needed, and that the hours we have been putting into live-blogging would be better put to other forms of service. I will be working with faculty leadership and the Communications Committee in the coming months to further develop our communications efforts on behalf of CODFA, including making new plans for how we might use this space. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all the volunteers who blogged and who supported the bloggers’ efforts. It was good! Now, onward.

Karin Evans
Chair, Faculty Senate Communications Committee