March 6, 2014 Asides

Trustee McGuire: Let’s talk about institutional climate. Are we doing another PACE survey later this month?

VP Bente: Yes, it’s part of a regularly scheduled feedback program (my language) He goes on to say that we are going to do student, faculty and classified surveys at the same time so we can correlate the finding better.

Trustee McGuire laments that the adjunct faculty are not included in the SLRP survey. ?)

VP Bente: I’m disappointed that no Liberal Arts faculty volunteered for the SLRP environmental scan but once they saw the work involved, not one would step up.

Trustee Savage: Comments about the brand rollout. The staff put a lot of work into the brand roll out.

Trustee Torres; students liked the events.

Trustee Birt: We are going into Closed Session.